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Lethargic 10 wk. old Mario

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Our 10 week old kitten, Mario, was fine last night, playing, "wrestling" with our hands, then he fell asleep. My husband and 5 yr. old son noticed he was kind of smelly, and saw he had actually pooped while laying there. I cleaned him up with a warm washcloth, (no, I did not punish him, he is just a kitten!) dried him off, and noticed he was really weak and lethargic. I snuggled with him for a long time, and was so worried I checked on him at least 3 times throughout the night. This morning he not himself still, didn't want to walk much, though he did play with my hand some more, but not up and around like he usually is. He's only had his distemper and one deworming about 2 weeks ago.

I instructed my kids to leave Mario alone today (older ones could pet, but not carry, younger ones could only look, not touch). I called the vets office and was told to keep an eye on him, but since he is at least eating and drinking, wait and see what happens for a day or two, but if he isn't better, to bring him in on Monday. Everything just happened so suddenly, I'm really stumped as to what is wrong with him. The vet also said it is possible, since he still a kitten, that he is just completely exhausted and it finally caught up with him.

Does anyone else have any advice or suggestions? It just seems so sad for him to be quiet!
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At this age a vet visit pronto is warranted!
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Agreed!! Kittens that young can go downhill very quick. It's unlikely that he's just tired because things are catching up with him. It's more likely that he's got a virus or a parasite. Just be careful and watch him like a hawk if you are waiting until Monday. If he gets worse, you should really take him to an emergency vet today.
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Thanks for the advice, but actually he's much better already. He's still not 100%, but he is climbing stairs, jumping off the bed, doing most of things a kitten should be doing, including teething on my fingers again. I did take his temp yesterday afternoon, and it was right at 99 degrees. I took it twice just to make sure. Poor guy looked at me as if he'd been violated! I did tell the kids to still not pick him up much and to let him "do his own thing". We've only had him about 2-1/2 weeks, so he really hasn't had much "free run" of the house unsupervised yet. We've been gradually working that in, because we have a big house and an adult cat who runs away from him--although that is improving too. Now they actually sniff each other for a few minutes before Mickey (the adult) runs away. They are both medium-long haired boys.

I had called my neighbor about Mario too, because she has several cats and dogs and usually gives pretty good pet advice. She had suggested the same thing as the vet. My husband thinks maybe he got bruised or accidently squished a little on our bed, though we never saw that happen. His stools and urine are normal too, so I don't think there are any internal injuries.

I am still keeping a good eye on him, and if he is still sluggish, he'll go to the vet first thing Monday. I just thought since he is eating, walking, and eliminating, and has no fever, whatever is wrong with him will probably pass within a day or two.
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Good on you to be so alert with him, and for knowing to take his temp. I would still keep a good eye on him for a few days and if you see anything unusual please get him to the vet. They really can fade pretty fast when they are so young.
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