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My cat's really sick!

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Hi!This is my first post in this forum and I wish I were writing for a better reason.
I had 4 siamese cats (father,mother.daughter and son!)One happy family it used to be!I owned the 2 males and my mom the two females (we keep them apart so that they won't mate).Anyway last year the father siamese died really suddenly in a couple of days.The night before he suffered from breathing problem,the morning after he died in my hands and exactly after he had an atropine injection.
Now I'm about to lose my second male!I don't know exactly what he suffers from and neither the vet recognized his desease.His symptoms really fit with the FIP's symptoms only that he also has constipation and doesn't eat a thing.I feed him with a vitamin gel (and I force him to eat it)He lost 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks.
Does anyone know what this thing might be and if there is a cure for this.I don't want to lose him too!His daddy was 13 years old but he is only 7!
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Well, what signs exactly is he showing. There's quite a few assoiciated with FIP. Also, did your vet run a test to rule exposure to FIP out?
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The vet came to my house to see him so she didn't exactly understand what he has.She says that he might have a tumor in his bowel but still not sure.I'll take him this afternoon over her office and she'll take some blood and find out .
The signs are as I said pretty most like the FIP's as I've read them here.
He won't eat,or go to his box,he lost much weight,he breathes really fast,he is melancholic,he doesn't walk so much (he just stays in a single point for hours!)and sometimes he topples and in the last few days this abdominal swelling showed up.That's why I came to the opinion that he may be affected.
Another thing is that when my grandma kept him for the summer in the countryside,he had a fight with another male cat and the other bit him.Do you think it can be something else?
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What you are describing reminds me of what happened to my Cleo. One day she stopped eating, she got ver sleepy, melancholic. I had to force feed her vitamin gel. The vet thought she had kidney trouble and began the surgery to remove her kidney. Unfortunately, the surgery revealed that she had cancer everywhere and would have survived only a week. .... We choose the only possible solution and let her go to avoid further suffering and pain...

Between stopping eating and leaving, it was only a week. Until then she had been perfectly normal... showing no symptoms at all.

I hope, I just hope that your baby doesn't suffer from the same problem and that the vet will cure her! It would make me very happy for you.


Now I am thinking of something else, what if he has some hairballs blocked in his intestines stopping all transit? That could explain all these symptoms also.
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I would have the vet run the tests for FIP,FIV and FELV just to be sure.If he has been exposed to any of these things, you want know so that you can find out what the other cats have been exposed to as well. I would also look into the possiblility of an intestinal problem as Studio mentioned. I would mention an x ray or ultrasound to check the heart and intestinal tract. One of the things that comes to mind is megacolon.
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I took my cat to the vet to see him and he diagnosed that he may have cancer of the reins.She also said that he gathered fluid in his reins.My pet had two injections (the one was cortisone,the other I don't exactly remember) and the vet said that if he doesn't get better within the weekend,then on Monday I'll have to take him to the pet hospital for ultrasound.She didn't seem to be very positive however..We'll see..I wish he will get better..
I'm sorry for your Cleo Studio.I know what it's like to lose a pet I've lost 3 pets in one year (my Demis'-that's my baby's name- daddy,my dog and another kitten that my dad gave her my name!).It's a real pain..
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Dracoulini, my heart is with you. I am hoping your cat will make it...

This is a biiiiiig hug for you and your cat:
(((((((Dracoulini & Kitten))))))

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Thank you!:
I guess that cortisone injection helped my Demis a lot!He seems much better although I'm still a bit buttoned-up!We'll see!Today he ate and also went to his box!
We were so happy in the family to see him get better!I don't know if I'll get him to the hospital,my vet told me that if he'd still not use his box,then I should get him there cause after so many days it would mean that he has a tumor in his bowel or his nephro so he would die!Do you think I still have to take him to the hospital,just in case this improvement is just something temporary?
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First, I feel very happy that he is feeling better! Now about taking him to the hospital... it's difficult to say since I cannot see him...

If it were my cat, I would take him to the hospital to make sure he really is ok, because he hasn't been well for 2 weeks. And that's a long time for a cat... However that may be expensive... I can't tell you what to do but... I am very happy that he (and you...) are feeling better!

Let us know...

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Thanks for the support!
I think I'll probably take him just in case!The pet hospital belongs to the universityof my city so it's cheaper than the others.My cat is really bored today!He's sleepy all day long!
I'll let you know!Thanks again!
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My thoughts are with you and your fur children - I will add them all to my list of kittys to pray for.
wishing you well.......
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