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Latest update on my student, Rascha

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So many of you have "gotten involved" in Rascha's fate - the forced marriage, her being severely beaten by her husband, that I thought I'd better let you know how things stand right now.
Rascha was in Belgium for a few weeks for medical treatment, primarily intensive physical therapy. She is now back in Germany and at school, and is doing very well physically, though she is still going to PT once a week. She'll remain here until the end of June, and then will be going to Lebanon with her parents, husband and in-laws for the religious wedding ceremony. The civil ceremony was in December, so she's already legally married. The families have agreed that she can divorce Hassan if he ever hits her again. I'd rather not comment on how much I think THAT's worth.
However, there is good news. Rascha applied for a job as a clerk at a courthouse in Brussels, and will be starting work there at the beginning of August. I'm hoping that the fact that she'll be surrounded by Belgian lawyers, judges, and cops will afford her some sort of protection from her husband, i.e., that he won't dare abuse her, or that she'll have plenty of people to turn to who'll be in a position to help her.
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Glad to hear that physically she's doing better, but still wish she didn't have to go back into the situation again......sigh, will keep praying for her, so keep updating us !
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I remember that... how can I forget? I was getting worried over what has happened since the last update.

I am very glad about her job - not only she has some means of her own, but she is surrounded by people who can help a bit. And will let her be more aware of her rights there.
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From what I know of that culture (which couldn't even fill a thimble!), making that acquiesence about allowing divorce if he hits her again is huge. I'm glad Rascha is recovering physically, and hopefully is gaining strength emotionally and spiritually as well so she won't hesitate to leave immediately if/when he does hit her again. The job is also a big step in that direction, she will immediately have legal backup if he ever touches her like that again.

Thanks for the update. She's still in a lot of people's thoughts around here, I'm sure.
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