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Needing advice for my 2 cats

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I have 2 male ginger/orange tabby cats (brothers). They will be 2 in July. They have both gone through tremendous change over this past year which I feel has resulted in their present behaviour - which I need to change!

My boys and I lived in Ontario up until August of 2003 when we moved to BC. While in Ontario, the 2 cats were the best of friends. They slept, played and did everything together.

When we moved to BC, we stayed for about a month with a friend, who actually had the mother and brother of my 2 (they had recently moved out from Ontario too). This was quite an adjustment for my boys...not only did my friends have 2 other cats, but they also had a large, obnoxious german shepard who would always chase the cats. I knew this was a temporary arrangement until I could find something on my own. During this time, one of the boys got lost - I finally found him at the local animal shelter - someone had picked him up and brought him there.

Soon after, I moved into a new place only to discover that it was NOT the best area for cats as it was on a main road. My cats loved to be outside, and since it was so dangerous, I had to keep them inside. So, I decided to keep the 2 boys at my friends place (didn't want to keep moving them around) while I once AGAIN looked for a better place to live. During this time, the same cat wandered off and was lost for 5 days! When I finally found him, I brought him to MY place and kept him inside for a month until I moved. I didn't trust keeping him in my friend's place because he had wandered off 2 times now (and with 3 cats and a dog, I knew they couldn't guarantee that he would stay inside). During the time he was with me, he HATED the fact that he couldn't go outside. He climbed the blinds, tore up the carpet etc.

At this point, one cat was at my friends and I had the other. When I found a great place to live, and moved them back in together, all hell broke loose. Now, the cats won't even be in the same room together. One will hiss, growl and swat at the other. One is super affectionate and is almost like he's trying to suck up more when the other is around...just to piss him off!!! Because of this, the other won't even come in and eat. When I open the door and they both come running in, the more dominant one hisses, runs in quicker and starts eating while the other is left sitting back.

I am really worried. The past 3 nights, the less dominant one wouldn't even come in at night (and there are racoons and cougars around). He rarely comes in to eat or sleep. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get my 2 boys liking each other again??
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First off...are they neutered? (I'd assume so, but have to ask anyways)

My first thought here, is to get both of them inside, and keep them inside for a while, let them get acquainted with the new house, and with each other again.

As you said, they have gone through a relatively large amount of moving recently, so I would suspect a lot of stress.

I would probably reccomend investing in a feliway diffuser or two (depending on house size) to help calm them down a bit.

Once you get them reacclimated to the new house and each other, then I would start to let them back outside. [I'm curious as to why you want them to be inside/outside]

Is there any feasible means to construct an outside enclosure and connect it to the house? This would allow them to be inside/outside kitties, but would also provide them a level of protection from other critters and make it easier for you to find them if you need to.

My thoughts at the moment...

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My thoughts echo Spotz. If one is prone to running away having him outside is not a good thing. There are cost effective cat enclosures avaliable where they can have access to the outside safely, or even ressurrecting a cat proof fence would be an option.

If they aren't neutered, getting them neutered will help. Also putting them indoors in separate rooms with a screen door to separate them will get them used to each other again. Your lost kitty brought back all new scents on him when he returned, and your other cat does not recognize him. If they are able to tolerate baths, bathe both of them in the same cat shampoo and also apply vanilla extract to them both- under their chins, between their shoulder blades and on the base of their tails. Do this several times a day, and also invest in the room diffuser, it works well.
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Yes...both cats are neutered.

Thanks for your replies. I've been in the new place since October. Niether of the boys have run away since then...I'm assuming the one who ran away or got lost was due to the stress of moving at that time and because he was surrounded by 4 other animals. Since we've been here, there haven't been any problems with them running away. Its just that the one who did run away is the same one who isn't coming in at night or to eat (very often).

The reason they are inside/outside cats is because they only are inside to eat and sleep...otherwise they don't like being inside at all. When I try to keep them inside, they ruin the carpets by the door (clawing to get out) and drive me crazy with their whining to get out.

What is a diffuser??
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Here's a link and in a multi-cat household it works well

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