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my babies having babies SURPRISE

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Hello everyone. I found this forum today and its great. I do need some help though. I need to give some back ground info. The idoits across the street got a kitten last year. They never kept her in the houe and it did not take long before the kitten took to my daughter. The idoits decided after a year to give the kitten up because it was having accidents in their house. (I wonder why!!) Well we took Ferret in and she is now ours. My husband took her to the vet to get a well check and guess what? She is pregnant. Needless to say we are going to get her fixed after the kittens are born. Anyway... I believe Ferret will be delivering within 24 hours. She, a hour ago ,went under my daughter's bed and won't come out. I made her a box with her food and towels. I dont think she likes it. Now, finally, my question is can I move her to the box once she starts panting, when I know stage 2 has started. I really don't want her to have the kittens under the bed. I want to make sure everything goes correctly. I hope she has no poblems but I want to help if she needs me. I dont want to bother her doctor incase I need him later. Any informatio n would be great.

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You can certainly try to move her, but she will more than likely go back under the bed where she feels the safest. Because she is so young, you need to keep an eye on her, and you might consider taking off the mattresses and stacking them somewhere until the kittens are born. I know major pain, but it would allow you to watch her- it also might flush her out of there and to another place a bit more secure. Stick the box in a closet if you can to let her have more privacy and see if she goes there. If you can strip out some old rags and make a pile, some cats prefer that because they nest(dig) prior to giving birth. Just try and keep an eye on her and have the vets number handy just in case.
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Well she came out on her own. Maybe we are not as close as I thought. I did shut my daughters bedroom door though. I also put her box in a hall closet and put shredded sheets in there. I showed her but again she had no interest. Now she sleeping in my husbands chair. lol

thank you for your response.
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Welcome to TCS!

Best of luck with the new arrivals. Please make sure whoever adopts them, makes sure they are all spayed and neutered before they can have more babies...

Moving this thread to the health forum.
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Give her alternate places to have the babies and let her choose. Empty out an old sock drawer, throw some rags inside and stick it in a quiet dark room- she will find the right spot when she is ready
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Good luck, Ferretsnewmom. You'll do fine. Whatever you do, don't let her outside during this crucial time.
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Welcome to TCS. I am sure Ferret will pick her own place. Perhaps you could get two or three places ready for her then you will have more chance of her choosing somewhere you want her to. Good luck and will be looking out for more news from you.
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Good luck to you LuAnne and Ferret. Please keep us updated on her progress and don't hesitate to ask more questions if you need to.
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Thank you everyone. I needed that this morning. I was up every hour last night and the night before to check on her because I just knew it was time. Boy was I wrong!
Then this morning on Mothers day my dear husband didn't get me a thing, much less take my 5yr to get me anything. My daughter was upset then went to her room and gave me one of her stuffed animals. My mom came and got her and took her to Walmart. Not even a card from him.

Thats enough whining. Back to Ferret Face, I can see the babies moving around, her milk came in Friday morning, and she has really needed me the last two days. She is searching the house over. At this rate when she does deliver I'm going to sleep right through it. LOL

On a different subject, I read somewhere here about adoption vs. selling them. Our vet is great and affordable so fixing the kittens is not only a must but very doable. I want to be in control of where the kittens go. Any information on this would be great.

Thank you everyone for your responses. It really helped and its great to have this forum to talk about things. I am so happy I joined.
Thanks again.
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Here's a leaflet, "Finding the Right Home For Your Companion Animal"

It has a lot of great stuff. Hopefully you can read it even in leaflet format. Or you can print it out and keep it handy, as you probably don't want to refer to your computer all the time anyway ^^

Good luck.
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I always sell my kittens just to be sure they go to a good home. Plus the cost covers the spay and neuter certificate that goes with each kitten. No, I don't breed, I rescue orphaned kittens. But again, I sell them because around here kittens are regarded as snake food and pit bull bait (sorry pit bull lovers, but they are)

I have an arrangement with the local animal shelter/vet to have these certificates available during the sale of the litter. It has worked out well, and when I check back I do find that kittens have been spayed and neutered.
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No need to apologize to any morons who would torture kittens, rabbits, and puppies to turn wonderful pits into twisted, vicious animals >.< There's a wonderful old puppy named Mona waiting to be adopted at our local shelter--I'm afraid she'll be there a long time. Who wants a friendly, gentle dog with the breed name of "pit bull" and badly cropped ears (by the former owner, not by a vet) and permanent inner ear damage?

There's no reason an adoption fee can't be charged, and if there's any you don't want/need to keep, you can donate it to your local shelter or something. Personally, I think it's a good policy to never place an unfixed kitten, as s/n can be done at or before the time the kittens should be weaned. I'm glad my local shelter has that policy. I've just heard too many horror stories of follow-ups revealing "just one litter" and such.
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Welcome to the site and you will definately get lots of good information. Once the kittens are weaned...please have the momma cat fixed.

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good luck for when your new kittens are born, let us know how it goes
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Well done for taking this baby into your home

It infuriates me when people can't look after animals properly.

Why do they even bother taking on animals?!
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It is such a great news that you beome the mommy of Ferret and very soon will help her to go through very important moment of her life!!!! And... Happy mother's day- I hope finally your husband gave you something or at least said- sometimes men are such an i.... Anyways, u already got some good advices from exprirensed people, and only have to send you lots and lots of good warm vibes!!!! Good Luck! I hope you will find great forever homes for each of Ferret's babies!
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Welcome to TCS and congrats on becoming Ferret's Mum. I hope things are running smoothly for Ferret, let us know when you have news
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What a story I have to tell. My daughter and I went to my mother's house for Mothers day. My husband, who had to work yesterday, emailed me and told me how sorry he was and that he will do better from now on. He has a regular job and we recently started our own business. It has been very hard on all of us, so I forgave him. Anyway back to the story... Around 4:30 I said we needed to leave to check on Ferret. We finally got home at 5:15 pm. I walked in the door with leftovers in hand and ferret was on the couch. I put the sacks on the kitchen table and went to check on her. I petted her head and she looked at me differently than usual. She was not crying but I decided to check her bottom for any changes. OH MY GOSH, a tail and a little foot was hanging out. Now....... I have read everything and talk to her doctor on what to do and what not to do during birth. I KNOW this is not good... the baby is breech. As much as I THOUGHT I was prepared, I panic! My vet's assistant lives 3 houses down so I called her and told her to get here fast. We didn't know how long she had been like this. Sure enough she pushes the body out but the head is still in. Ferret starts turning circles real fast trying to sling the kitten out. She's on the couch. I hold up my daughter's blanket, in which ferret is delivering on, so the kitten won't fly to the floor. Then the baby came out so very still. By this time, I am walking a path through my carpet worring. Kate, the asst, started to rub the kitten and after a little bit the kitten was moving. THANK YOU KATE. Ferret did great after that. Then 9 minutes later kitten 2 came out head first. Ferret did great. Then 50 minutes later kitten 3 came out head first. 3 orange Tabby kittens are here. During the day!!! Again, not what I expected. During the birth Ferret loved it when I rubbed on her. She is amazing. I can't believe how great a mother she is being. This morning she seems restless though. She is getting out of the cage I moved them to and walks around meowing alot. I don't know what she is needing. I hate that. So I just love on her alot. My leftovers were ruined, but who cares. And about 10 minuts ago Ferret just pooped on my carpet disreguarding the 2 clean litter boxes I have right by the cage fo her What"s a mom to do.
Thanks everyone for caring about her.
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YEAH FERRET !!!!! How lovely more red babies. Now that you teased us you will just have to post pics of Mom and the kids - P L E A S E!!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Can't wait to see the new furbabies.
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I am trying to post pictures of mom and babies (Hewy, Dewy, and Lewy) but I'm having trouble. When I click on attachements nothing happens. Can someone help me?
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Do you have a pop up blocker, some of the more aggresive ones might block the attachments window(?) You should be clicking on 'manage attachments' and then 'browse'. If you still can't get it email them to and I'll stick them on my photobucket account.
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Awww congratulations Ferrett is very lucky to have you taking such good care of her. Can't wait to see the pictures

Oh, and Happy Belated Mothers Day!
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