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The Last Will and Testament of a Cat.

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A friend send this to me today, it brings tears to my eyes.

The Last Will and Testament of a Cat.

I came into this world with nothing{other than my own beauty} and, those few material things which I collected on the way. I leave to you:-
The ping pong ball I played with as a kitten,now dented lives under my favourite bush outside. The litter tray I used all my life and my feeding bowl, which gave me so much pleasure at meal times, they are now yours.
I leave to you my favourite toy, that squeeky mouse filled with catnip. It no longer squeeks,the nip has lost its smell and the mouse has lost its tail....I have hidden it under the fridge for you to find.
What else I leave are your memories of me and there are many.
I leave you the memory of my round bright eyes which narrowed in contentment when you cuddles me and when I dozed.I leave you the flick of my beautiful tail--you never knew whether I was angry or happy did you ?, I liked it that way.I leave you the memory of my sleeping poses-on my back,legs apart,cuddled into a cushion,on a ledge with one paw dangling, if it was comfortable --I slept.
I leave you the remains of my hair on your favourite chair and the tattered sides of the sofa,the best scratching post in the land.
I leave you the front of the fire and every single beam of winter sunshine which entered the home which was mine to claim-I have no need of them now. I leave you that spot on the bed in which I always slept unmoved, its yours now.
And I leave the memories of my contented purr, my buffing around your ankles, my rough tongue with which I licked your ear lobe in the middle of the night, and my soft coat which gave you such contentment in your moments of stress.
We have never exchanged a word and yet we find the purity of love and that is my bequest to you.
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That was beautiful! And it did bring tears to my eyes as well. I have copied it and am going to save it. I laughed at the part of finding the catnip mouse under the couch that has lost it's scent and tail. Everytime I pull out the drawer in my oven, I see at least 2 dozen of those furry mice and smile.

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Anne-Clair,that was beautiful,very moving,it brought tears to my eyes too,thank you so much for sharing

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Anne-Claire, You are a true cat lover! (but, then, aren't we ALL) Thank you for this post. TLK
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Thank you guys.... of course when I said that it brings tears to my eyes... there is also a smile somewhere...

Yes I love cats, I have always loved them. I have always had cats in my house but... when they go it's like I am dying with them and have to learn how to live again... It's sooo hard...

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Oh Anne-Clair....thank you so much for that post!!! I was already crying after reading the post by Cats Rule, so I just added a few more tears to my face with this one....
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