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Newbie here

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Hi peoples, I heard about this site from someone at petpeoplesplace.com and decided to drop in. I own one cat, soon to be more as my cat is pregnant, due at the end of May. My cat, Alli, is a sweet tortiouseshell. She loves people but she's shy and is scared of loud noises and strangers. She lives outside and loves it. She's the greatest cat in the world. She is a little scared of our German Shepherd, but they're getting used to each other. Anyway, that's enough about my cat. I'm 17, I'm a sophomore in high school. I'm a Christian, Baptist to be more specific. I love animals and I plan on teaching high school biology when I graduate from college. Anyway, I think that's all I have to say. So I'll stop talking.
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Welcome to the board...you've found a great group here.

One word of caution here...everyone loves pictures...so you'd better be prepared to post some pics of the kittens whenever they appear...

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Welcome to the site! Yes, I second that about the photos. And I have to say that torti's are one of my favorite "colors" of cats.

Are you planning on getting Alli spayed after she has the kittens?
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Yeah, I am, if I can come up with the money. Hopefully by the time the kittens are weaned I'll be able to afford it. By the way, does anyone know of a good way of making sure the kittens go to a good home? I really don't want them to end up in shelters.
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Glad to hear it!

If money is an issue, you can check into Low Cost Spay/Neuter programs in your area. We have a listing of resources here.

The Animal Spirit has some great tips on Adopting Out a Companion Animal and we have a pretty comprehensive Adoption Agreement on Save Samoa - Rescue Resources. It is the first link, and available in either Word or PDF format.
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Welcome to TCS. Can't wait to hear more about Mom cat and her soon to be born kitties.
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Welcome to TCS. I am glad you want to get the kittens into good homes. It would also be a good idea to keep your cat indoors until she is fixed...perhaps keep her in one particuliar room so that when the kittens are weaned she will not be able to get pregnant again.

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Welcome to TCS
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welome to the site to you and your s
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Welcome to the site ! Make sure you keep us updated on those babies
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Hi, welcome to the board. I think you'll find that you like it here, as all of us members (I like to think ) are very nice and open to everyone here. And I also would love to see pics of your Alli and her kittens. I also have a torti named Faline and she also isn't too fond of dogs...
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Welcome to TCS.
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Hi and welcome to a great cat site....
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