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Cat peeing in car seat!

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Help! My cat keeps peeing in my baby's car seat. I have tried putting it away at night, but I forgot last night and he did it again. Besides tying to keep it away from him is a pain since he can go where ever he wants to.
Some history:
He is almost 7 years old. I adopted him from a shelter when he was around 6 weeks old and they said his mother was wild. He has never sprayed or had problems like this before. I would like to think it is a UTI but this is the only place that he goes.
I was thinking about putting some herbs under the cloth part of the car seat like rosemary-or something he would find offensive to keep him away.

The other problem is that even if it is a UTI he can't keep antibiotics down. He had a skin infection last year and every single pill I gave him he threw up
Please help!
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Well, it may just be territorial. If it is just the babies car seat, there is something there that might be threatning him. Really the only way to curb it is to put the seat up. You might try putting some feliway on it as well. As far as the antibiotics go, which ones has he been on?
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Hi: Sorry to hear about your messy problem.
There are so many reasons why a cat adopts a new behavior pattern, and one of his/her most basic means of expression is urine marking.

Before attributing the problem to Behavior alone, be sure that a physical problem like FUS (feline urinary syndrome) is not present.

Once you are confident that there is no physical basis for the problem, the fun begins....Now you must play detective to determine what is motivating your cat to seek the baby-car seat as a place to leave his mark. Has another cat left its mark there? Has the trace of your baby's diaper urine rubbed off on the seat? Perhaps the cat finds a baby lotion attractive.

There are many ways to alter the behavior, but you really have to do the detective work first.

There is a very good book on cat behavior by Nicholas Dodman called the Cat Who Cried for Help. Good luck
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