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Friday Night!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So thought id just ask and find out what everyone is up to tonight seen as its a friday!
im doin nothin cuz im skint, so im now depressed that i have to stay in on a friday night(which i havnt done since god knows when)
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A colleague of mine is retiring, so we're taking her out for a surprise dinner. After that, nada.
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Don't know for sure yet...but I'm sure I'll wind up at the movie theater with my cousin. She really wants to see VanHelsing. Probably diner out before that and maybe stopping by Barnes and Noble and buying some books.
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I am going to try and get all my homework done, and get all the cleaning up done so I have a free weekend. I get to leave work in 5 minutes, then I am going home to clean up, got to pick up my bf's son tonight, then HOPEFULLY gey my homework done. We'll see how that works out though.
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It is 23.17pm here. I have been helping Vicky sort out her diet programme for the next week, we have been watching tv and playing with furbabes.
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ive been watching telly all night, estenders, corry,friends etc and very bored
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I've been playing my drumset most of the afternoon evening.... now I'm in for the night watching TV
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Bill and I are being lazy. He had a late lunch and I'm not really that hungry so, we aren't cooking, tonight. Sandwiches and pretzels are on the menu, this eve. Otherwise, sit around, watch TV, play on the computer and bed.
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Got home just a few mins ago from working at the farm - mowing lots of acres, but hey at least it looks really tidy and cleaning out beaver dams and the culvert - sorry to say that some beavers are now homeless, and eating dinner, stopped at the store to buy popsicles - I am totally off icecream which is a good thing and those popsicles, (i know they have sugar but at least they are better than icecream!) will keep me cool - lately, its been really hot the past few days and its supposed to get hotter!

Waiting for my dad to go online so we can chat up a storm and then go to bed.

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Nothing *sigh*...Nothing tomorrow either. My boyfriend is going to a Nascar race and leaving me home. Not that I'm all that disappointed about missing that kind of race, but it would be nice to spend some "alone" time with him and no kids. However.......my oldest son's first baseball game of the season is tomorrow nite so that will be fun!
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It's actually 4:21 AM Sat. morning, but it's still Fri. night for me since I won't get off work for another 40 min. This has been a perfectly uneventful shift, just the kind that I like. I've called Sierra a few times to talk to her through the answering machine. It makes me so sad to leave her for these long shifts, but she always greets me at the door when I get home and then we spend even extra special time together! I've enjoyed my time here tonight which has made my shift much more pleasant. I look forward to getting a shower and eventually settling down to bed so I can get up and do this again tomorrow...
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