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I just got some pictures developed and I just had to share
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this one
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I love the pictures. What are their names? I love black cats.
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Wow! What big gorgeous kitties you have!
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Very cute!
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Scrappy is the black one and Bubba is the grey and white one
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Hi there!

I have to agree with Sabra...those are pretty big kitties! :LOL: GREAT!

Very nice I love pics...send more!

Love & Peace,
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Ya don't have to ask me twice
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He's so handsome
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oops forgot pic
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scrap loves to drink out of my glass

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Wow!! What can I say other than these cats are great!Wow!!!!! Seriously, I love these big boys? Boys??? I just adore big Opie's a huge orange tabby..he's very tall and long. I've never seen a cat that stands quite so tall..??? Maybe he's related to Michael Jordan??? Thanks for sharing your pics...anytime!

Love, Peace &

PS..I'll have to get some new pics...I think I've posted all of them up here already...that's okay, cause I have a new roll going to get developed in a few minutes!

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Thank you for sharing those pics of your beautiful boys!
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What gorgeous babies!! ooooweeeeee!! so cute!! I love the one of them in the cupboard and on the fridge - they look like they're planning something......hee hee

They are pretty big too - and I love the pink tongue shots! sweet!

Ps, my kitties try to drink from our glasses too - but unfortunately they get their heads stuck!! I guess the glasses must be too small....(or more likely the cats have got Big heads!! ha ha ha )

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Your cats are both lovely. I especially like the pic of Bubba sitting on the stool. What was he looking at up there
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Bubbas Mum,your boys are adorable,Scrappy is so much like my cat Felix.I love the picture of Scappy with his head in a glass

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In that picture of Bubba on the stool he is actually looking up at one of my mothers' spider plants which he loves to swat at:goodbad: . He gives them a little trim every time I take him to visit If he never went to visit, they might actually grow:laughing: :laughing:
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Very nice cats Bubbas Mom.
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Bubbas Mom...You have a couple of very pretty kitties there!!
The pic of Bubba on the stool is wonderful!
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I agree with Gemini and Elinor!!! The one of Bubba sitting on the stool is my favorite one!!! They are all adorable!! And the first one is also a great picture of you, too!
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Scrappy looks just like my "kid" Patches, how uncanny is that!
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