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Indoor Cat/Fleas?

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Hi there,
george is indoor only, he sits by the open window or the sliding glass door in the kitchen...this may sound like a really stupid question- can he get fleas from being an indoor cat???

I have noticed he seem to scratch a little more- nothing drastic just more- i thought maybe the warmer weather?

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Fleas are quite capable of finding their way indoors. They come in on your clothes, through cracks in your house all sorts of ways. Even indoor cats need to be safely treated for fleas. Please stay away from over the counter medications and purchase your flea treatment from your vet or a reputabale pet supply store. Lots of counterfeit products out there, as well as some that will turn out to harm your cat not help her.
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Yes indoor cats can also get fleas . You or any body else can carry a flea or two on your shoe or cloth in the house with out notice and if a female flea she can lay eggs in the rugs and you could have pretty soon a big flea problem . So it is always good to aply advantage or fronline for fleas on your cat/s . Please don't buy anything over the counter like Hartz , it is very dangerous for your cat . In fact any protuct from them are not really save to use for the animals .
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oh wow- thanks for the info.

now we have a family cat that lives with my parents on the cape, Ashes. She has been wearing a collar all her life, she is an outside cat only...anyhow the vet i took her to earlier this year( ashes satys with us in the winter) said my mom should use the drops. So we got some over the counter at Walmart- bad idea i guess! So, what can I pick for ashes and bring down to my mom this weekend? I would like to do the drops if possible...

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I personal would only get something from the vet , it may cost a little more but it is worth it for my baby's . At my vet they also sell a single dose atvantage or frontline plus what will last a month .
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thanks! Iam going to the vet tonight for both george and ashes!
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Brewer's yeast helps. I'm not kidding. We use VegeYeast for our cats, which is just yeast formulated for pets--low magnesium and high acidity. Yeast works against mosquitoes, too. You can take some regular brewer's yeast yourself ^^ Consuming garlic also works, but it can be toxic in sufficient quantities to cats and dogs I think, so I personally don't feed Kitty or Robin any.

I always thought Advantage was an effective product. And ever since I looked into dog and cat care, there were warnings from everyone that flea collars are terrible--usually ineffective (the fleas just go to the tail or into the ears or something), and harmful for the animal to be breathing toxic fumes 24/7.
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OTC Frontline or Advantage are lower potency doses.

Only a vet can prescribe full strength products.

Flea collars are very bad ideas for cats, as most contain pyretherins(sp) of some sort, these are extremely dangerous to cats. Most flea shampoos and flea treatments also contain pyretherins(sp?) which again are harmful to cats, so it makes the prescription treatment both the most effective, and the safest choice.

Personally I prefer Frontline Plus because of the added tick protection, however Advantage seems to be a little faster acting, but shorter lasting for flea protection.
Revolution is a neat product simply because of the worming aspect, but it's not nearly as effective for fleas as the other two, and again has no tick protection like Frontline Plus offers.

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I put the frontline plus on george a few weeks ago, he still scratches a bit, nothing excessive, seems normal to me...but Iam the one who is itching like crazy!

In the morning when i am getting his breakfest ready, george likes to rub up against my legs and talk to me a bit, as if to say hurry up mom iam hungry. Anyhow, i have shorts on so my lower legs/ankles are getting the rubs, and as soon as he starts to eat breakfest I begin scratching, now i have all these little bumps around my ankles. Could it be fleas? I know what iam like if iam having an allergic attack to a cat( which I dont have to george) i break out in a rash, not little red itchy bumps- to me it is fleas.

Any ideas as to what else I can try for him and me? It says to wait a month in between frontline, so i still have a few weeks to go before I put it on him.

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