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Where are you planning to go on vacation?

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Where are you planning to go on vacation (if at all) this summer?

In our case we may probably take a quickie vacation to the Dominican Republic. Just have your passport with you and hop on the ferry (although I prefer airplane... in that ferry you can throw up several times).
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Victor I have never been to DR but have heard such good reports. I am sure you will enjoy yourself there. I was supposed to be going to the lakes in Italy but I got my four cats instead. he! he! Can't leave them, I'm addicted.
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Hubby and I are taking a tour of Italy for a week at the end of this month. Rome, Florence, Venice. We decided to do it as our "last big vacation" before we have kids. Once we have kids, we'll have no money!!

Hope everyone has a great time on their vacations!
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Vacation? What is that?
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Originally Posted by Talon
Vacation? What is that?

No kidding...I haven't gone anywhere on vacation for the past three years. I just stay home and try to get things caught up around the apartment. Maybe once school is over I'll have the ability to have a vacation where I actually go somewhere.
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VEGAS baby.
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I don't know if I'd call it a "vacation" - it's a family visit. I'm taking my 16-year-old German nephew to Omaha to visit my side of the family for four weeks in August. It'll be his first trip to the States, and he's really excited. My husband will be staying here with JC (I generally go every year or two, and my husband has only accompanied me twice in the past twenty years, due to pets and his garden; he finds it difficult to get more than two weeks' vacation in a block, and that's not really long enough because of the cost and the time spent flying. Philly was easy - a seven or eight-hour flight, but it takes 22 - 23 hours to get from Stuttgart to Omaha).
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this year me and my boyfriend are gonna geta last minute thing at the end of the year, probably to cyprus or somewhere like that
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Vacation? That's a foreign concept to me. I don't take vacations, I never had the desire to travel, maybe when I'm retired I will. I can't stand to be away from my boy Sash, I'm lucky if I leave him long enough for a day trip!

Lisa & Sash
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We'll be going to Wyoming to see my family and so my family can meet my stepson. It'll be hot and full of mosquitos! URGH! But I love that little town where my family lives so much that we were married there too.
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we go a week today to Wales for a week in a luxury static caravan at a place called Haf an y mor. Its a change of scenery, a chance for me to wind down and take in teh sea and air. may be a spot of sea fishing from the beach, daily swimming - dont care - just cant wait - 7 more sleeps to go!
Other than that- I have three days in Monaco in June.
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I forgot that we're actually going on a 9-day vacation to Hungary at the end of May. My in-laws have a vacation cottage near a hot springs spa (Bük) in western Hungary, about an hour's drive east of Vienna. They're thinking about selling it, so we want to take advantage of it one last time. JC's "Oma" (gramma, i.e., my mother-in-law) will be looking after him here.
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In the summer I spend most of my vacation time at my cottage. To me, the best place on earth!

But, I may be heading down to Ohio in August to meet the SPA Chikks!

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WOOHOO!!! I was hoping that would be included in your plans Kass!

I'm going to Ohio in August, and while it's a "working" vacation (I'm the Team Coordinator for the Colorado State High Power Rifle Team, Captain on 2 teams and probably Coach on another at the National Matches), it is something I look forward to so much. It is absolutely an escape from the world there, nothing matters except the matches and the team. You eat, sleep and breathe shooting, and there is literally little to no access to the outside world. (Of course, the big Marine Corps and Army Rifle Teams add some pretty nice eye candy too! ) And I especially look forward to it now that I also get to meet up with Christy and hopefully Kass while I'm out there!
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Already took the vacation/honeymoon.......Jamaica....just got back last week. It was great. As for the summer.....going to be roughing it out being pregnant and praying that my A/C doesn't break.
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Had i still been with my boyfriend we would have been going back to the Greek Islands. But now i'll be at home with the kitts for the summer.

Now i'm fed up! , but hey, i'm alive and that's what counts
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I'm not going anywhere. We are saving up to go to St. Lucia to get married in 2006, I guess that'll be my next holiday.
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I'll be a bridesmaid Rhian
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Don't know if you can call it summer, but we booked a week in a nice resort near Lancashire (Lake District, UK) for late September. We'll probably add another week in another UK location - possibly a village near Whitby. "We" will be hubby, both babies, my parents-in-law and hubby's twin brother.
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The Lake District is gorgeous! I haven't been there for ages though
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I am not taking any vacation this summer, with work and classes it just isn't possible. Hopefully I can do something next year though. I have never been on a cruise and would love to do that. We have just recently gotten a few cruise ships docking here in Jacksonville, so there's something to save for!
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I'm going to attend an all-school reunion in the small town near where I grew up in Minnesota. I never did attend any of my class reunions, but will be seeing my best friend from high school whom I haven't seen since we graduated 45 years ago! I'll also see family, none of whom I've seen in at least 11½ years. I may rent a car from there and drive to Illinois to see another brother whom I haven't seen in about 13½ years. It is going to be hard to leave my furbabies that long, though, so I do have mixed feelings.
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In mid-June Dan and I are heading noth to Vermont and New Hampshire. We'll be camping out in our tent. He wants to see his home town again. He grew up in Bennington, Vermont. I have a friend from college who lives in New Hampshire, haven't seen her since her wedding a few years ago. On the same trip, we're also visiting friends in upstate New York before coming home.

Later in the summer we're going camping with some friends in one of our State Parks, Ricketts Glen for anyone familiar with PA.

I also hope to get to visit one of my best friends who lives on Long Island, as well as a few days in Washington, D. C. to visit Dan's uncle.

And if things work out, some of my co-workers and I would love to have a girls' weekend in New York City. My friend Krista has never been, if you can imagine living within a few hours drive and never going there.

Luckily, I'm a teacher, so I don't have to juggle a work schedule after June 10. At least this year I don't, I worked a lot last summer, so I'm making up for it this year!
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Possibly Hawaii this summer to celebrate getting married with our moms, no date set on that though. And we're still undecided on the fall/holiday trip which will be like our honeymoon - either South Africa or a tour of Scandinavia, both trips we'd like to take at some point, just not sure which will work out for this year.

I love to travel!!
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I'm saving every little bit of money I have now to go for a trip in the states to visit a good friend of mine and her hubby... promised to let me sleep in the guest room rather than the bath tub if they have the space..
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We are going on a Camping trip for week in July close by where we live . If you can call that a vacation . I will have to go home once a day and feed all my baby's .
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Vacation.. well that was in January(sp?), I went camping. My vacation later in the year though is NSW in Australia for a couple of days.
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ANNE: You will love the lakes, and Whitby also. Tell me if you climb the steps up to the ruins at the top of the cliff though!
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ARGH!!!!! All this talk of European vacations is making me batty!! I'm so jealous of you across the pond, who can hop on a plane or train and in mere hours be three countries away from where you began!! (I'm from Big Sky Montana, where you can drive in some parts for three hours and still be in the same COUNTY)

I am taking a much-postponed, much needed vacation to visit my father in Eastern Maryland. I haven't seen him since he stopped by on his cross-country move five years ago, and my now-ex-husband saw him last month!!! Of course, my ex now lives two hours away from him and has had an open invitation from Dad, but still, I'm his daughter, I should be seeing him.

Besides, my boss just told me last week that we won't be allowed to cash in any vacation time this year (geez, there goes my Xmas "bonus") so I have to take the time off somewhere. So I'm flying to Baltimore (BWI), my ex-sis-in-law is picking me up for a night on the town, then I pick up my rental car and drive down to see my dad. If I have time I may try to meet w/my ex for lunch or dinner, just to say hello.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
ANNE: You will love the lakes, and Whitby also. Tell me if you climb the steps up to the ruins at the top of the cliff though!
Actually hubby and I had already spent a vacation near Whitby 4-5 years ago and we did climb up to the ruins! Not very likely to do that again though

My brother's parents-in-law are English and they own a cottage in a village near Whitby that they rent out. They invited us to stay there if we like. We're not sure about adding an extra weekend in Whitby though. Having visited the place already, maybe we'd prefer to check out a new area.
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