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I'm Back.....It's been along time...

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Hey Everyone, I don't know if ya'll remember me but i used to post here a couple months ago. Life kinda got a bit hectic and everything so I wasn't able to come on as much. But I am back on a regular routine. All my babies are doing well, Big Boi my old alley cat had to have some teeth removed from past damage from living on the streets, but now that there gone he's ten times better and acting like a baby again. Sqweekers my newest baby finally lost his sniffle and was fixed, and has gained 4 lbs since he's enjoying himself I believe As for me, I'm working finally....there wasn't much work to find in Denver for my skills, but it seems like the job market is opening back up. So yay...I missed comming here! Oh, I found another box of kittens a couple weeks ago...I can't believe the nerve of people to leave them out in the cold like they did, they haddent been out long thank god. They were about 7 or 8 Weeks old, I got all of them up to date on there shots, and found them all forever homes.. Anyways How is everyone. I'm dying to see what I've missed!

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Hi Kym, good to have you back.
Pleased to hear you saved those kitties, poor babies

You've got lots of reading to do on the site
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Welcome back Kym!
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I remember you. Nice to have you back.
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Welcome back, Kym! So glad to her all of your babies are doing so well! That was so wonderful of you to save those sweet kitties. Look forward to seeing you around more often!
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Welcome back Kym
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