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allergies and the bedroom...

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Hi there,
this place is so great! I go to read a post about one thing, and find out info about something else...

Anyhow i have stated in an other post about my allergies. I have severe allergies to cats, dogs, dust mites, cockroaches, ragweed, trees, etc.... pretty much everything. I go for shots once a week- i get three of them! I think it has helped a lot! I have bought 3 of the ionic breeze filters; love them they really pick up the gunk!

I use to break out in rashes and get very itchy, I don’t have that now, but when I do get a bad attack, it is my breathing. I simply can not breathe and cough like there is no tomorrow; I have to use an inhaler- which I hate! I have not been tested yet for lung function or asthma (sp) but my allergist thinks I most likely have allergy related asthma...So when I get a bad attack, (like yesterday I had one I don’t think it was from George’s dander but rather the oak pollen count was high yesterday and I opened the windows) I would rather take my bio aller pills which is a homeopathic pill that I get from my health food store which helps regulate my breathing. I would prefer not to take other remedies as my husband and I are trying to get pregnant, and we already had a miscarriage (Which I suspect is because I took some medicine that harmed the baby).

Anyhow, I would love to let George in the bedroom, I know he wants to snuggle, but I am just nervous of not having that "safe" place and wondering what other people do that are in the same situation. Many family members have asked why with my sever allergies would we get a cat. When we lost the baby, we both needed to love and nurture, and George was kind enough to come home with us-now he is our baby. I think sometimes he gets annoyed with us because we bug him, but he has given us so much-he has no idea, we love him so much Please give me your thoughts.

Sorry for the long post!!! And sorry if I keep posting questions in the wrong forums!

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Hey Shannon....I have a friend who does cat rescue and she also has allergies...so I'll ask her for any suggestions she has. My roommate has allergies and we have decided to make her room a "cat free" environment. Although it is wonderful that you want to allow your cat to sleep with you....I think your health should be a factor and it is good to have an allergy free zone that you can retreat to if your allergies get overwhelming. Sleep is the one thing you definately do not want to mess around with...and once you let George in your bedroom...he won't understand if you then decide it isn't working. That being said...you can spend as much time with him prior to bedtime...give him a nice meal of canned food before you retreat to your room and make sure he has plenty of toys and a nice "bed" (maybe put a t shirt of yours in or around the bed so he smells your scent nearby).

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Thanks Katie!

the only problem is George keeps sneaking in, and we have picked him up and walked him around the bedroom- to show hime nothing exciting is going on in here- I fear we have done the wrong thing...but hopefully since he has not been with us long we can work it out.

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I knew some one and she had alergies and asthma and here in georgia it is bad with all the pollen . She never could open her bedroom window or it may would cause her a attack . She also had allergie to her cat , her cat was not allowed in her bed . Every once in a while the cat sneak in her bed and sleep there , no need to say that the lady had a hard time breathing in that night and some times a attack . The moral of the story , keep your windows closed in your bedroom . Pollen dravel fast and sometimes you can't see the pollen , only when the breathing is hard or the attack will hit you .
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