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Fridays thread.

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I'll start todays thread off Debby, because of time differences by the time i read yours the day was over for me and i was at home with the kitts

My friend and next door neighbour is in the armed forces, and on sunday he flys out to Kosovo for 6 months.

So, tonight were all going for a farewell drink with him. Although he will be e-mailing me regularly it's still a worrying time as we heard in the news that more trouble has started over there

Tomorrow Sophie goes for her first flu/enteritis jab.

It seems really funny how only 2 weeks ago Rosie hated the sight of her and would hiss and growl if she went any where near her. Now she lets her drink from her bowl while she eats .

Have a great weekend everyone.
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It's still bright and early here. Hopefully I will be able to finish my nightmare project for work so that I don't have to go in this weekend! Well, at least it's Friday.

Rosie, I'm so glad to hear that the kitties are getting along! Before long, you find them snuggling up to sleep.

Hope everyone has a good Friday.
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What a big day tomorrow is for Sophie! I'm so happy to hear how well she and Rosie are getting along. That sure took a lot of patience and work on your part! It really is hard to see a friend leave for Kosovo. Nomatter how frequently you are able to keep contact, it's still hard not to worry. Enjoy your drink together tonight! Well, tonight I work the 5P-5A shift. Not exactly my favorite, but I can usually get on the computer around midnight so that makes it a lot easier. I know I'll come straight here, so I hope everyone will stay up to keep me company! Hope everyone has a great day! Stephanie
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I haven't been on the boards very much lately because of school, finals and moving (trying to get all my belongings out of my mom's house so she can sell it this summer)....It's been pretty rough around here the last couple of weeks and I am ready for school to be out...I was going to take summer school, but decided I needed the much needed break! Mittens is doing great..sweeter than ever! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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Morning all! Mike is taking me to see Van Helsing today. I can't wait. The special effects in this movie look spectacular. We are also going to see Hellboy- so it is a real thriller of a day for us. Then we are going to our favorite restaraunt for some honest to goodness Mexican food. It will be nice to get away, and for the first time in months, I won't be worried about Racer. My neighbor will keep an eye out just in case, but he should be fine.

Hope everyone will have a good day. It is gloomy and rainy here right at the moment with a storm offshore supposed to hit later tonight. But that's okay, we aren't going to the drive-in theatre anyway! They don't even have those here come to think about it.
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Very mixed weather here today. One minute sunny next minute thick clouds. Took Vicky to the dentist this morning, she had to have an extraction but she was very brave. Ever since the freeze wore off she has been talking me to death. Buttons fancied her spag. bolognese and she had a taste of spaghetti and decided it was better to play with than eat. Tara has got a scratched nose, don't know who the culprit is, but she keeps on coming to show me. aawww she is a love. Been food shopping and now on TCS. Have a good weekend everyone.
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Heading out to the drag races tonight its going to be great.

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Got informed, as to how much my raise is. I'm getting a nickel an hour more, than my last raise. Now, I can buy that pack of gum, that I've been saving up for I had BETTER have gotten more, than last time - my assessments have been off the charts and and my customer satisfaction surveys have been 100%, for 4 months, straight.

My company is notoriously chintzy, with raises. Last raise time, the average was 10 cents an hour. I got more but, my supe put in a good word for me. One of the factors, is that I have called off ONE time, in a year and have NEVER been late!. In a few months, when the collections ramp-up starts, I'll be up for a promotion, too. There have been some opportunities, in the past few months, in other areas but, I'm not interested in them.

Actually, I won't really see any of this raise. Next month is open enrollment, in the 401(k) and that's where mine will be going. Gotta look toward my retirement.
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Well Yesterday, I had school.... and just had a lazy evening watching TV.

Today, I went out with a friend into Wellington and went to see "Starsky & Hutch" and had some lunch. Now my task for the evening is to bath the three kittens I'm taking to tomorrows show. I'm taking Benja,Sapan & Acorn.

Tomorrow the show's in Palmerston North(two hours away) and we will be leaving at about 4am(*groan*).

Hope everyone has a good weekend.
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