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how cute they are gorgous
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This is so exciting! The sweet miricle of kittens is beautiful and I will never forget it! Congrats to you and the new mom! Keep me posted about the rest of the litter~or it that all of the bunch?
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They babies are so beautiul! I can't wait to see pics as they grow to be as gracful and radient and their mother! Keep us posted!
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What gorgeous little babies. How is Mom cat??
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Congrats to you and mama!!!
I love black kitties and the babies are just beautiful!!!
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Well there are just the 4. Mom cat and kittens are doing great.

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Aaaawww! What sweet little babies! More pictures please please!!!
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Here's a picture of mommy and babies.

I'll have Kim come over in a few days with the digital cam again...for picts as they grow.
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You must be so overjoyed!
Thank you for letting us watch your babies grow!
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Anyone know what post it was in that the picture of how to sex the little ones was in....I forget....and I want to be able to tell what sex they are.
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Wierd Question about New Arrivals ( 1 2 )
kitkatz 04-30-2004 06:47 AM
by WellingtonCats 19 253

Think this may be what you are looking for.
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Congratulations! Awwwwwwww......I'm in love More pics when you get the chance.
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How are the kittens and you have more pics?
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THe kittens are great...I should have more pics by monday...but no promises.

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Glad they're doing so well! Looking forward to the new pictures!
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Congrats on the four new babies. I just browsed the thread. In the end did you go see the Vet or ring the Vet to make sure there wasn't a 5th? They are really pretty- I love the Tortoishell. Can't wait to see more pics of them. How are they??
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I did phone the vet...he said it sounded more like belly was moving from kitties nursing and not contractions as it would stop if we took kittens away.

They are all doing Elfi showed Hunter(her best buddy) the kittens....he all but touched them....and then when Elfi was enjoying the freedom of the house he was actually checking on them more than her.

Poe come in and all I know is he wanted out so I went to let him out and he turned around....and laid in living room I went into the bedroom...suddenly Elfi flys out of my room I hear a major scuffle and I run to see Tux, Hunter, Lance, and Zoe on top of Poe while Elfi was hissing at him. I quickly got him outside and informed those living here that Poe is NOT to come inside.

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Oh how scary! Glad he wasn't near the kittens. Please keep us updated with pics!

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Glad you handled that so well! I agree, would love to see more pics!
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More pics here too...good save BTW.

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I have more pics but I may not post attachments anymore so sorry can't let you see the kittens.
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That's so disappointing. You'll be an adult soon! In the meantime, I wonder if I could post them for you or if you could post them by remote linking (think that's what it's called).
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Is this the pic you were looking for?

The easiest way is to look under the tail of each kitten and hold two side by side until you have two that look different. A female will have an upside-down exclamation mark and a male will look more like a colon : Also, the male's urinary opening is lower than the females and he will also have a little lump between his anus and this opening. This will later become his testicles.

Hope this helps.
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yes those were the pics I was talking about. and now I know for sure we have 2 of each...ty.
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