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SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rosie's gorgeous, too, BTW. Rosie looks like she's going to make a GREAT mommy - or older sister? - for little Sophie. What sweethearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OMG I've been missing out being away from TCS for awhile. I can't believe how beautiful Sophie is and your home!!! Just gorgeous. I might have missed this but how are they getting on? Are you regretting getting another baby?

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Sam, i just said to Emma(my vet nurse friend)yesterday who i got Sophie from, that i shudder when i think i nearly changed my mind on having another!.

For the first week not only did Rosie hate Sophie, but she hated me as well!, which did cause me to shed a few tears . She hissed and growled at both of us and if i put my hand out to her she would bat it as if to say "I hate you!".

But, i said i wasn't going to give up and besides i'd already bonded with Sophie myself.

I make sure i gave Rosie quality time with me and i always give her scritches first.

Now, they curl up to sleep together, and Rosie washes Sophie , plus they chase each other around the house so it's good exercise for them with them being indoor kitts.

So no i don't regret it, in fact i'd reccomend it to anyone who only has one kitty!.
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Awww........Sophie is adorable, I'm sure she's going to grow up to be a beauty! Rosie is a very pretty girl too. I LOVE your pink sofa.

Lisa & Sash
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Sophie is so adorable - I love the little "smudge" on her nose! Now you have two beautiful furbabies!
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Oh Susan! She is just so adorable! Loveable too!
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Awww thanks again everyone, ever the gushing mother that i am!
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REALLY GORGEOUS PICS of GORGEOUS CAT/KITTEN!! MORE pics pls!!!! Sophie reminds me of Zebra and Pepper!!

More pics!
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I'm so glad they are friends now! I can't tell you how happy I am that it worked out!

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Sophie and Rosie are Gorgeous! How in the world did I miss this thread? What did you say your address was again so I can come and catnap them Beautiful!
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I'm picking more pics up at the weekend that show they have well and truly bonded!.

I've got them playing together, sleeping together, and Rosie washing sophie!.

I just need to suck up to Heidi now
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