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Sophies nearly here!!!

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I've just e- mailed pictures of Sophie to Heidi as she's kindly offered to put them in "Fur Pictures" for me.

My computer at work has a firewall around it which will allow me to e-mail discs no problem, but won't allow me access to e-mail certain sites such as this

Good job i'm able to gain access to the internet otherwise i would be snookered Oh god what a horrible thought, no TCS

So keep your eyes open in "Fur Pictures" everyone!.

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cant wait!!!
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I can't wait!!!!!

Maybe I should change my siggy to say......

......'Waiting patiently to see the gorgeous Sophie'
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Heidi's just pm'd me her e-mail address at work and the pics have left me now.
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Susan? I haven't gotten them yet....did you send them to the @savesamoa addy?

I wanna see Sophie too!!!!
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Awww no i sent them to your works address. let me get back to you while i check to see if my friend got them
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Can't wait to see Sophie
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Aaaaaargh my friends on her answering machine now.

I've re sent them. I know they took an age to go through(4-5 mins), but it looks like they went again ok?!.

I don't know about you but our computers always seem to take longer around lunchtime here in the UK.

Fingers crossed.
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Still no Sophie Photos .......

.......Nevermind, I know they'll be worth the wait
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I saw this post and was excited I was going to finally get to see Sophie Waiting is fun though too
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For some reason they couldn't get through to Heidis e-mail address at work or home.
My sister got them but said it took 25 minutes to download and my friend in France got them, but Heidi and two other friends didn't .

I e-maled them to Heidi one at a time this morning, so keep your fingers crossed!

I hope after all this no ones dissapointed
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If you can't get them through to Heidi I can post a couple for you from my photobucket account.
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Thanks Rhian
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And isn't she just the cutest!?!?!?! Some of the photos are different sized since I cropped most of them so really show off little Sophie. (And doesn't Susan have a GORGEOUS home???)

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Oh my gosh! She is adorable!!! She is waving hello to us all in the 1st pic!
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Awwwwwwwww Theres my babies!!!!!

Thanks Heidi for putting them on for me, and the compliment you gave on my home . It's always an open house there so if ever anyones in my area?!

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She's gorgeous and so is little Rosie! In the last picture Sophie looks so much bigger than Rosie! I'm sure it must be a camera trick but what a great photo
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OMG she is so beautiful
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She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!! They are both beautiful!!!!
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What a cute little kitten.
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Oh my gosh she's absolutely gorgeous! I love her little nose!!
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awwwwww the colourings on her nose are simply adorable
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She's beautiful. I love the first pic.
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she is sooo sweet looking!!! * stop drooling, boy boy... she's too young for you! * I'm sorry, excuse that boy.. he says sophie looks so much like him... made for each other...
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Oh, she is so precious! I love the black splosh on her face. A perfect little kitten.
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Thanks for the much anticipated pictures! Sophie has the sweetest little face and Rosie so so beautiful! I agree, you do have a lovely home!
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Awwwww thanks everyone, i'm as proud of Sophie as i am of Rosie

Like i say, my door is always open and theres always coffee on the go!
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I just saw this - when the first picture loaded, my mouth dropped open at her beauty! Both Sophie and Rosie are so beautiful!
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OMG what a cutie . My congrats on the new baby
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aaww She's adorable So is Rosie
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