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Mabye that 12 year old was just lying about his age. Did you ever meet him in person?
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Originally Posted by valanhb
4. The serious and political nature of the majority of the threads in IMO do not lend themselves to being discussed by minors, therefore the forum is restricted to adults only. The age restriction has been set at 18 years old.
The voting age in most countries is 18, but I find that many people below that age have little opportunity to "sound out" their beliefs, and therefore receive little or no feedback about the validity thereof. I think they should be given the opportunity to test their beliefs before they actually exercise their right to vote. "IMO" is obviously a hotbed of controversy, and thus a real headache for the moderators, but it's extremely educational. People are often at loggerheads, but at least they are communicating with each other on the forum. Yes, there are contributors who can quite simply be designated "troublemakers". However, there are members who can learn from each other. I don't want to offend anyone, and apologize in advance if I do so, but Victor ("Yohiver") and Jim ("James Brown") are examples I can't resist giving. Victor is young and sometimes overly passionate (who isn't at 15?), and Jim is worldly-wise and understandably cynical at times. Jim sometimes admonishes Victor to "grow up", which I hope makes Victor rethink some of his positions, but I also hope that Victor's posts remind Jim of why he went into law and hoped to "change the world" at some point. Jim, and others, can explain their point of view, based on their experiences, and Victor, and others, can express their evaluation of today's world. IMO, this exchange of information/perceptions is very valuable, In short, I'd put the "minmum age", if it's deemed necessary, at 15, 16, or at most 17.
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Don't worry, you never offended me there! On the contrary, I want to back up your words. You can add my signature under that last post.

And you are right, Jim's post later made me rethink my opinions.
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The bottom line is this: internet law is a very new and untried forum. But a website or its owners and moderators could be held liable and cases like this exist. When one considers damages that might be brought by a parent objecting to participation or its affects on a minor child, those of us running this site do not want to risk our respective livelihoods, no matter how frivilous a potential suit could be.

That being said, this particular adult feels strongly that kids/teens spend altogether too much time on the net as it is. I am not a proponent of encouraging that behavior on this site. Although I think we provide valuable interaction and education regarding cat care issues for all ages, the scoial forums have been designed with adults in mind. Many of us come here to relax and interact with adults. I, for one, don't like having to second guess what I post about because I am dealing with kids.
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Personally, I find the changes reasonable, especially the adult cat status. I also follow the 'your ball, your rules' with something like this. The website owners have the perogative to set any policy, as long as it isn't illegal. Age 18 is as reasonable as any for an age cut-off.
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Your call I guess, However I love posting in IMO.

Thanks for that.
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Yes, and you usually have something useful to say, too.

But that cannot be said of all people your age, nor can it be assumed that the minor poster's parents aren't jacka$$es who'll get litigious over some possibly harmless, but nonetheless provocative exchange, in which their darling little idiot was involved. Unfortunately, there's usually an idiot available to spoil things for the rest of a perfectly responsible group of people, and if we want to ensure that the site and its operators are not jeopardised, some precautions are necessary.

I'll miss your posts in IMO, Sam, but I have to agree with the age limit, and the more I think about it, the more I think it needs to be the generally accepted "age of majority", i.e. the point in a person's life when legal responsibility for their actions no longer falls to their parents.
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If you don't want to be sued, lock yourself in your closet and never go out. Never say anything to anyone, look at anyone, never buy or sell anything, never walk on the street...

How can you use a tiny risk of an angry idiot as justification for discriminating against all people under 18 years of age, but still walk or drive or run/mod a messageboard? That has to be among the most irrational rationalizations I've ever heard. Is there something I'm not aware of that would make this make sense? Did I misread something? I don't understand.

This particular adult feels strongly that kids/teens should be free to spend their free time as they see fit, barring harm to anyone. I'd rather someone be thinking about our world and exchanging ideas with other people than buying and using crack or downloading porn. (Disclaimer: I don't have anything against minors seeing porn or using crack any more than I do against adults who do the same.) I have seen many forums of communication, online and offline, where people of varying ages could talk freely, be honest, and get along. I do not see why this cannot be the case here.

As for the "age of majority," the US is not the only nation in the world. (Some Americans just act like it.) Iirc, the "age of majority" generally used in international law is 21 (i.e. an 18 year old dual citizen must have parental consent to renounce citizenship of one country). In any case, 2, 14, 18, 21, and 83 are all equally arbitrary "lines." I disagree with society's prejudices, and I disagree with this board's.

"Fear of corrupting the mind of the younger generation is the loftiest of cowardice."
-Holbrook Jackson

I'm not the only one who challenges age discrimination against younger people.


And a nice article on why minors should be allowed free speech and internet access: http://www.peacefire.org/info/why.shtml

Hmm, thanks for this immature rule. A little digging has led me to some interesting reading.

P.S. If we are to assume that everyone online lies about their age anyway, why bother? Just say on the registration page: "To post on all the boards at this forum, you should say you are at least 18 years old. If you are under 18, just say you're 34. People might say you're lying, but people might say anyone lies about anything online. Have fun."
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Thank you everyone for sounding your opinions in the matter. The decision is final.

I do want to add that your feedback has been taken into considertions, but also that there are other issues at stake here, some of which cannot be disclosed due to privacy considerations. Trust me, these new rules were all set for a reason and based on recent and past experience. That's why they weren't there to begin with and are only added now.

Not everyone has to like the new (or old) rules. But if you wish to be a member of this community you have to respect them and abide them. Otherwise, the internet is huge and I'm sure you can find other websites more to your liking. I don't mean that in a mean way either - just stating a fact.

A note about internet laws before I close the thread. I am currently being sued for more than $200,000 because I alledgedly failed to censor some posts at another board where I used to moderate. Is the lawsuit justified? Not in my eyes and in the eyes of anyone who knows the internet. Still, the internet is so new you can never know what a judge will decide in the matter. So you will excuse me if I take these legal precautions a bit more seriously then others. I have paid enough to lawyers this year to handle that lawsuit and I don't feel to be involved in another one.

Thanks again and I'm closing this thread now. Further comments on the issue can be directed to me via PM.
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