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Any "Friends" lovers out there? Tonight...right now...is the very last one! *sniff* I have watched this show for 10 years and feel as though I am losing my own friends! What an awesome show!!!! At least we still have Joey to watch on his new show...but I will miss the friends cast on Thursday nights...anyone would be lucky to have friends like that! Gotta run...Friends is on.....
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I cant stand that show! Sorry but its just so annoying.

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Heh heh, it has its moments. Some episode actually focus on comedy, but an awful lot tried to be too dramatic and weepy. Buuut, it's the end of an era and *I'll be there...* for the finale. Well, I'll be flipping back and forth between wrestling.
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I love that show too! I haven't followed it in order...Thursdays have always been sucha a busy evening for me. But I love watching the reruns & that show is one of the only ones that can make me laugh out loud....even by myself! I'm glued to the TV tonight....watching the 10 years of Friends as I type & can't wait to watch the finale. It's gonna be so sad...I've already got the tissues ready!
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I'm ready too....I know I'll be all weapy, I've been a fan of this show since day one.....I'll miss it!!!!
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We had company, just when the Friends finale was starting...so I popped in a tape and taped it...no way was I going to miss it...so I will be watching the tape of it tomorrow, I'm sure it was good, and I'll bet Ross and Rachael ended up together.
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Still haven't managed to see that show yet, bit too late now. It is very popular over here and is on the tv a lot.
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i love that show an always watch it
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Hmmm I LOVE the show and have watched it since the beginning, HOWEVER...I feel the finale was a bit disappointing. It was SOOO predictable!!!
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I loved every moment of it!! Zack and I jumped up and down when Rachael walked back into Ross's apartment...WOO HOO! Atleast I have up to Season 7 right now...and waiting for Season 8 to come out...I was very sad to see it end, but there will always be re-runs!
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I just saw the end of it - what I want to know is, what happened to the chicken and the duck?
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What happened on it? I was out that night. I like the show a lot, but forgot to tape it.

So Ross and Rachel end up together right? He tells her loves her and then she still says she will go and then comes back. But what was the last shot? Of all of them at the coffee shop?
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no, it was of all of them and Monica and Chandler's twins walking out of the apartment downstairs to the coffee shop. I think that Ross could have proposed to Rachel (as the way they left it, the future is still uncertain for them). I also think that the end credits could have showed them sitting in the coffee shop for one last time together.....just my opinion.

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I agree it should have ended in the coffee shop.

so they left it that Ross and Rachel were together but not married? I wonder if they will do a big TV movie in like 5 years.
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I love friends. We have 4 more epposides left here, but there are always going to be re runs. This is a show that's impossible to get sick of! I'll miss them!
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