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Secure Harness?

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What kind of harness is good for cats? A typical 8 harness for cats seems too easy to get out of; we have our larger cat using this because the cat ones were too small. It's a bit better, because the middle part keeps too much from going into the head or the girth part, but he can still get out. He just flattens his head and puts one foreleg straight out while pulling backwards. I didn't take him out again after he proved that to me once inside. (Fortunately he never slipped out when outside.)

And I did adjust it so it was pretty snug but he could still breathe Should I have tightened it even more? Or is a figure 8 harness just too easy to slip out of for some cats? Is there another style that would be better?
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Honestly, the best harness on the market today-
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Wow!!! Those are pretty cool harnesses! Jeepers is even venturing outside (a little) whilst in her harness, I need to get her one from that site they look really comfy (and safe)
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Thankyouthankyouthankyou ^^ I wish I'd heard of them earlier!
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I bought the "extra large Safkat", but found that the legholes didn't accommodate JC (he's "extra-long"), and that he had an issue with having it put on. Unfortunately, because I think it's great. We're back to an adjustable dog harness, which he can slip out of, so I keep an eye on him at all times.
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Awwww Great picture!!
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Originally Posted by jeeperscat
Awwww Great picture!!
The lead was for a 60 lb. dog, and really weighed him down, which is why the harness is twisted to the side in the picture. He broke so many of them. Last summer I found a lightweight braided nylon lead with a supposedly "unbreakable" titanium hook, so he's much happier now.
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