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One year ago today....

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I made a post here one year ago today. My heart was broke in two. I lost my Merlin one year ago today. I will never forget the pain I felt on this day. He was my child...I don't care that he was a cat, and not my actual child...he WAS my child...I raised him from an abandoned baby and had him for 3 years, in my home and in my heart. This is my rememberence of love you and I still miss you!!!! And some day I will see you again!
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I wont you to know that my heart is going out to you
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Aww ((((Debby)))) I understand. My cats are my kids too.

RIP Merlin
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I remember, you will be with him one day.and he still loves you and is watching over you. (((((HUGS))))
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Debby, My heart goes out to you on this saddest day. Merlin is watching you, I know you will have an angel with tabby stripes with you every day of your life.
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Thank you...all four of you who have replied are people I feel a deep bond with because I have known you all long enough to know what good hearts you have and to form a friendship with you all, and I know you care. I know he is okay and he will be with me again someday...I just miss him even more today since I remeber how hard it was a year ago to bury him.
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Debby, I wasn't here a year ago, but I understand your heartache and pain. My cats are my kids too, and it does hurt to lose them ! {{HUGS}}
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Dear Debby, it´s unbelievable that it´s a year allready! I remember this so well, and I felt your pain so deep. This was not that long after my Pollýanna had gone missing for a couple of days, and I realized how very much I loved her (of course I knew I loved her so much, but it became really scary with a real possiblity of loosing her....ohhh, how can I explane this...), I cried the whole time, and the thought of loosing her forever was just too much. I remember going to my s/o in tears, telling him that Debby´s Merlin had died. He was like a huge question mark, who is Debby, who is Merlin????

Debby, I am so sorry for you loss, and I know it still hurts. You´ll never forget your Merlin and the love you too shared, and I´m sure he is right there with you, watching over you and cuddling next to you.
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sorry for your loss she will always be with you in your heart and thoughts
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I wasn't here a year ago either but my heart goes out to you.

Merlin is still watching over you and cuddling up to you every chance he gets.

My kitties are my kids too.
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Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts tonight. I didn't realize this thread had been moved to another forum and was wondering where it went, I just posted it in the lounge because that is where I feel my friends are...but I should have just posted it here to begin with, I wasn't thinking straight...thanks to the mod who moved it for me.
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Debby, my heart aches for you you on this difficult day. I'm so very sorry for the anguish you must feel as you honor your your cherished Merlin. I love Sierra more than life itself and dare not imagine the pain and void you must have in your heart thinking about your preceous baby. Merlin is watching over his loving Mommy now joyfully looking forward to the time when the two of you are reunited. Thank you for sharing your feelings. We are all here for you.

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Debby . . . I can sense that you are still hurting very badly over Merlin. Understandably so . . . he was so very special to you.

You've had a rather horrible year, and I so very much hope and pray that things have bottomed out and start getting better very, very quickly now on all fronts.

Lots of hugs and love.
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Debby I wasn't here one year ago either, but I feel I know you within the short time I have been here. I am so sorry your heart is aching like this and I know the gap that Merlin has left will never be filled, except from the love that he must be sending to you today.
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Debby, I remember the day so well. It was a terrible, terrible day for you and so many of us here on TCS, knowing you had lost your Merlin. Big hugs for you today my friend.

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Thank you all so very very much from the bottom of my heart. You have helped to ease my pain.
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Merlin was very lucky to have found you during his time here on earth. He is watching from the bridge and patiently waiting until you two can be together again.
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I am new here so I did not know about Merlin until now.
My thoughts and prayers are with you as you must mark the one year of loss.
My cats are my kids too so I understand your pain.
Love and Life,
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I remember that day. . I want you to know how sorry I felt for you. My cats are my babies too
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I'm so sorry Debby that you had to lose such a special companion.
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Debby, I really understand the "child" part. It's small consolation, but time does help (I've lost my brother, father, some friends and many beloved pets; I know you've lost both parents, so you have experience in this, too). You loved Merlin so much that he'll always be an important part of your life, will visit you in your dreams, and is waiting for you on "the other side".
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Hugs Deb!
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