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Disturbing rumor circulating

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There is an email going around now about Swiffer wetjets and how the company uses antifreeze in their solution to mop the floors. Which has caused the death of both dogs and cats. THE RUMOR IS FALSE please don't buy into it. If an animal ingests the solution on the floor, they will get cramps and vomiting, but it is not a medical emergency and with pushing water, the pet will be fine. Most people don't let their animals on wet floors anyway.

Just wanted to give you the head's up on this.
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Thank you very much! Although we still are on the old mop and bucket routine.
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This quote (from the snopes article) is quite interesting:

Also, given this message's similarity to a different, unfounded e-mail warning about another Procter & Gamble product, Febreze, we'd have to consider the possibility that someone with a grudge against Procter & Gamble is maliciously trying to damage the company by deliberately spreading false information about their products.
I hate it when rumours like this start and now that we have the internet and e-mail, they spread so quickly.
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Hadn't heard that one yet. Thanks for the heads up!
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Thanks, Hissy. A false rumor like that could really ruin a company's reputation!
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I hate rumours!.
Especially when their started by people who do it on purpose just to frighten others
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Thanks for that Hissy...I use a Swifer Wetjet and glad that it isn't true.
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I use that so I'm thrilled it's not true!!
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