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Finals today

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I have an rather trying evening of ahead of me since this is the end of the semester. I have a pretty decent grade in this class, but the final is one question essay, handwritten and we will have 3 hours to finish. My son's baseball practice starts earlier tonight than usual (naturally) so I will have about an 1.5 hours to get this done. I was up till 2am studying and rewriting papers and got up at 5am with the boys so I am dead on my feet and have a screaming headache already. The grade on this will count as 65% of the final grade so it will either make me or break me. I haven't decided which just yet. Wish me luck!
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god you have been busy!!!!
good lick on your exam, let us know how it goes
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Good luck Abby. Is there any way you can get someone else to take your son to baseball practise or can he miss this one? The worst thing for you will be rushing because you only have half the time to write the essay in and you're already so tired. Don't forget to take something non-drowsy for your headache too.
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My mom is going to take him, which she has every Thursday since practice started, my boyfriend meets them there and takes over till I get out of class, but he was all sad the last couple times because he hit the ball really far (way out past 3rd base) and I wasnt there to see it. Jeez, what's a mom to do?

This looks good!
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You don't want to be rushing through on your final. I know it seems like you have to do it right now but you will be upset and regret it if you get a bad grade. I too am taking evening classes and work full time during the day, no kids though, so I don't have it near as bad. But, I made a mistake and had a rough day and slopped through a test in my humanities class. I regret it because it dropped my grade an entire letter grade I had a 4.0 gpa until that class, I got my first B. Goodbye 4.0
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Oops, look like I posted at the same time as you Abby. I am glad you made other arrangements, good luck on your test!
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Wow, finals can be so stressful, and all the more difficult if you already have a handful of responsibilities and are unable to be fully rested. Hope everything goes well for you ! Please let us know as soon as you can!
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Loads and loads of luck
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Good luck! My graduating class starts finals on Monday, and they're really nervous. I think you might just have to give your finals top priority right now, since they're a one-time thing, and forget about feeling guilty about missing how far your son hit(s) the ball. You can explain things to him, and make up for it later with quality time. Get a full account from your mom and boyfriend, and let your son know that you're up to date on his performance and thrilled about it. As a teacher, I know that just having a bad day can really affect grades, so I wish you the ability to concentrate and pull things together. And just keep in mind that 20 years from now, you probably won't remember what your exam grade was.
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Well, I think I made it. All I had to do was find a particular term in the book and tell the definition and what it meant to me. It took me all of 45 minutes. When I left there were some still trying to find it in the book.
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Good job! I was going to post that I knew you could do it, but you already posted that you did!!! I am so happy for you that it wasn't as bad as you thought it might be! I know how you feel...I am back in school after 20 years and I have a 20 month old daughter to care for, and finals week has been rough. Staying up till 2 am. not being able to sleep...all things I can relate to...worrying sucks. But I did it...I got through all my finals...last one today, and I can breathe a huge sigh of relief. I know I did well on them all, thanks to all my studying.
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I absolutely hate finals week. My house turns into a complete disaster because I don't have time to really clean it, I look a mess from constantly shoving my hair out of my face and getting very little sleep. But at least when it's all said and done, this is one thing I did do by myself. I have one final left on Monday and I'm done till next month when I take 4 classes for summer. My advisor has written me off as completely insane for taking on so many in the summer since they are 8 week classes instead of the normal 16.
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I will be thinking of you on Monday...good luck with your last final. I have 3 weeks off, then June 2nd I have to start back to school again....*sigh* No rest for the weary.
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I'm really looking forward to the summer semester because all four classes are online. Since I have been running kids back and forth to school--one in the morning and the other in the afternoon--plus babysitting for my nephew 3 days a week, my classes in the evenings, gymnastics and baseball practice, and on and on and on I will be glad to be able to be a hermit for awhile. Good luck on your summer classes, what are you taking?
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