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and yet ANOTHER litter problem

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As some may recall, I have been gradually switching Dori from Fresh Step to World's Best due to her allergies. I finally entirely got rid of all the Fresh Step yesterday, cleaned the box and refilled with the World's Best. Right away I noticed that the box is MUCH lighter then it was with the Fresh Step. Anyway, no problems until yesterday afternoon I heard Dori furiously scratching at the carpet. She had a small little poop outside the box she was trying to cover. I picked it up and flushed it down the toilet (Dori even supervised to make sure it went down ) Well I just went home for my lunch break and found 2 little poops on the floor underneath 2 of my socks! Ok, so it is kind of funny, but how do I get her to keep her poops inside the box. I never had this problem before and I have noticed that with the World's Best she digs in her litter like crazy, before she wouldn't dig and I think it's because of the dust in Fresh Step. She used to run and hide in the closet, now she just digs and digs and knocks the little poops out! It is kind of funny, and would be solved simply with a covered litter box, but she will not use it. I tried one of those with her before and she wouldn't go inside My boyfriend is going to kill me if she starts doing this all the time, not literally but he will give me a hard time about it. As my only rule is, no kitty smells
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alot of people use a 25 gallon rubbermaid tub and cut down a side to have an entrance. that would definitely solve the poopies falling out of the box problem. and the top is open, so she wouldn't have to be upset that its' a covered box.

i have a cat who is very fussy about his litter. he leaves poopies outside if it's too dirty or if i buy the wrong litter - he loves his tidy cats scoop. i learned really quickly with him. one of my other cats stands when he pees in the box so i have covered boxes (the 25 gallon tub wasn't high enough, i actually watched him lean so far forward it hit the wall over the rubbermaid tub). my cats are something else in regards to the litterbox. but since all 3 have FLUTD i comply like a well-trained human.
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We use a regular box with a snap-on frame. It's not covered, but it does add height and it slants inward a bit.

In the bedroom we have an underbed storage container, which is big enough for Kitty (our large cat) to dig in. It's pretty high, but I think a determined digger could probably dig stuff out of it. A higher plastic container would probably work better, like what raven suggested.
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Argh! I got home last night and found out that Dori has not been peeing in her new litter. Instead she has been doing it in my clothes basket. I got home from class last night and noticed about an hour later that my bathroom smelled and then I found the clothes. It was the most horrible smell. I had to make a late trip to Wal-mart to buy a box of her old litter (Fresh Step) so she would use her box. She has me trained lol! She must not like to pee in her new litter. So I guess I just waste $17.99 on the new bag of WBCL, how frustrating. My boyfriend wasn't happy but he understood it wasn't her fault, she just must not like it. Back to square one I guess!
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I (well, my cat...) use WBCL but NOT with a covered box. I use a high-sided litter box. When I first switched to WBCL, my cat had no problems using a covered box with regular clay litter. WBCL does have odor which may be a bit too strong smelling if using a covered box.
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Ok, I just re-read your original post and your cat wasn't using a covered litter box. Did you gradually get Dori accustomed to the new litter by mixing the Fresh Step with WBCL?
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I changed her ove rgradually, it took about 2 weeks. She appeared to be fine in it, she was digging around, I assumed she was using the bathroom in it, but when I emptied it found nothing in it at all, just the litter. I am wondering now if the little poops that were on the floor were actually done on the floor instead of being kicked out like I originally assumed. I wish I could just sit her down and explain to her that this litter is better for her allergies, I actually did tell her that, but whenever I talk to her she just looks up with me with these cute little innocent eyes and meows like crazy and I have no idea what she is saying Cats gotta love them I don't know what to do now.
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what about wood pellets and newspaper pellets and other litters? Could they be used with your kitty?

BTW, it's not wasted if you tried.
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