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Frustrated & need advice

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OK, here's the deal. Levi's diarreha was better last Friday & he finished the flaygl on Sunday. Seemed better until last night. Again he had diarreha. So I called the vet & she said the next step is to try a low residue food. Well I really don't want to do this. It's not a cost issue because they are already on Wellness. It's that they love the wellness. I've been emotional today so maybe this isn't as big a deal as it feels, but I need advice. First of all if Levi goes on the low residue food, should I just feed it to both? Also, because the low residue food is not a lite food I'll have to cut him back to 1/2 a cup a day if I do that to Jordan it will be bad news as he becomes destrutive when he doesn't have food available. I'm just really frustrated by this whole thing. I also am wondering if I decided to put Jordan's food on top of the refrigerator (because Levi doesn't go up there) would that cause any problems? I need advice. I know to some it may seem I'm over reacting, but the truth is I feel like it shouldn't be this way. He's only a year old. I rode the emotional roller coaster of Smokey's CRF for 2 years & by no means had any intention of getting on that kind of ride any time soon. I'm feeling so sad that my baby is having these problems & it's not something I can fix. I HATE this feeling.
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Bumping this to the top of the forum. Hopefully, one of the more knowledgeable people will see it soon.
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I don't know what kind of fecal tests they have run, but if he's clear on any parasitic problems, you can do fecal tests that will see if he has IBD. If that's the case, they make some good foods for this, and you can free feed it to both the cats.
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I was going to suggest IBD also, but I am not sure about it being checked out through fecal. I was on Wellness for a few weeks, and had to take my cats off of it, because my Male cat had horrible diarrhea from it. If you have the funds look into a good holistic vet in your area, she may be able to help. good luck. Cat.
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Wish I had the perfect advice for you. I just want to say I'm sorry that Levi iis still having diarhea. It must be very difficult for you to not know exactly what to do to make him well when you're trying so hard to find the solution. Please keep us posted how your baby is doing!
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You can have a fecal sent to a lab and they do a fecal culture to check for different things as well as how food is being broken down. They can also do a rectal scraping and cytology.
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I'm so sorry you have to go through this, and so soon after the ordeal with Smokey. I don't think you are over-reacting exactly, but I think you are over-sensitive to the idea of your cats getting sick after Smokey.

Calm down, take a deep breath and try to look at the situation from a Vet's point of view. Does she seem overly-concerned? If not, then I would assume she's seen this before and it's something that just needs to ride out. Take your cues from the vet. If they get concerned, then I would worry.

Keep us posted okay?
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Well thanks everyone. I have an update. Thursday night Jordan developed diarreha. Which makes the vet think that it is something communicable. They are once again on panicure, for 5 days this time. It has not worked one bit. They aren't any worse, but there certainly aren't any better. The vet feels that there are two things left we haven't checked for, Crypto speridium (sp?) & Trictimonus (sp?). About 12 -15 years ago Milwaukee had a Crypto out break, but I haven't heard anything in the news so it's not our water source. If it's Crypto it must run it's course. Trictimonus sounds a little worse. The vet told me that there is no cure, it's a matter of treating the symptoms, but that sometimes as cats age it becomes less sever. I'm still scared because this isn't just loose stool, it's litterally liquid stool. I did buy them the Eukanuba Low Residue food. After talking to the vet it made sense to put them on it because it's made to help their colon's relax. With this new update, I'm wondering if anyone here has had expericen with a problem like this that the vet's can't pin point. Levi & Jordan are not geneticly related so the chances of them both having IBD seems pretty low to me. Also, Jordan doesn't like the new food, any ways to encourage him to eat it?
Thanks Also, anyone have any first hand experience with lead poisioning? My vet said it usually causes constipation, but everything I saw on-line said diareha?
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