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Hope all goes well for Toby, he is in my prayers. Hedi if only we all had a crystal ball eh? You weren't to know what would happen. He will soon be home now.
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Originally Posted by Cilla
Hope all goes well for Toby, he is in my prayers. Hedi if only we all had a crystal ball eh? You weren't to know what would happen. He will soon be home now.
Thank you Cilla
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Hedi, Toby is a cutie pie!

I wish you and Toby the best of luck!
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Oh yes, I remember Toby now! He's such a cutie patootie! God bless his little soul.
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OOOOHHH, Toby is such a cutie pie! He looks like the dog on the Zyrtec commercial. Is he a terrier? I hope he will be able to see, but either way, he is sooo lucky to have you in his life, vice versa!
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Hedi, Toby is just as cute as he can be! He remains in my prayers that he will keep his eyesight. I don't feel that anyone would ever doubt your intentions to keep your sweet Toby. I hope you are able to enjoy your camping trip as you look forward to seeing your baby on Monday!
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Thank you all so much

I am back from my camping trip and it was very nice . My first time going camping btw .
Yes , Toby is a Boston Terrier . I did call on Friday at the vet and was told that Toby is doing fine I was happy to hear that . Tommorow after my work at 4pm I drive to pick Toby up and sure can't wait to see him again . I hope he has some what ajusted to almost no eyesight , poor baby . I sure will let you all know how Toby is doing when I am back .

Thank you all again for all the prayers , thoughts and vibes It sure means a lot to me I am sure for Toby too
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I'm so glad to hear Toby is doing well!!!!
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Thank you Debby

I picked Toby up today after work , boy was he happy to smell us and so are we happy to see him . I am so glad Toby is back with me and I sure missed him big time . If I have not said it befor now I will , Toby is my baby . That poor dog did not move an inch the hole 30 minutes drive to go home . I don't know why , maybe he was scared to move and can't see a lick that's what I think . I did let him out in the back yard after getting the other 2 dogs in the front for the night , to make sure Toby will not get bothered in any way . Toby were running into everything . But I notice not in all things , so I think he do see shades in the one eye who was stoned by children . He also were feeling comfi to walk around in the yard , I guess he know's where he is walking some what . In the house Toby is still careful walking around not to bump into anything and he still does . It looks like he is in no pain though , I am so happy for that . He is on Amoxi Caplets 250 mg ( antibiotics ) every 12 hours for 7 more days . On the 20 of May I will have to go to the vet with Toby for his stitches to get out . I hope then I will find out more about his eye sight . I can't belive how much I love that dog , just as much like one of my cats
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Oh Heidi, You do have my heartfelt hopes and prayers for Toby. A friend of mine has a 13 yr old dog with diabetes, he was diagnosed about 2 yrs ago.I diagnosed him before the vet...she initially said no way! Harrison is essentially blind except for shadows and does beautifully..you should see him run up onto the couch for his shots! You know I believe animals adapt so much better than humans when it comes to losing a sense, like sight, hearing or a limb. Humans tend to attach emotions to these things, animals don't. We say, "Oh how will I read?" or "How can I listen to music?" Sometimes we overly bury ourselves in self-pity, which is easy to do. Animals just get on with it. Toby will be fine, especially with your loving care and guidance.
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Thanks for Toby's update! You must be so happy to finally have your baby back home with you. I know Toby's happy to be with you too! You are wonderful comfort to him as he makes this adjustment. May 20th will be here before you know it and I certainly expect another good report!
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Something else to think about, and a great big spot of hope.

Anyone who has ever had eye surgery can tell you that it takes a while for their vision to return to what it was.

I know most people who have laser surgery, continue to see significant improvement over the first 3-6 months...sometimes even beyond.

Since you know there is a chance that Toby's eye will be able to heal, then I would expect to see some impressive improvement over the next few months. Remember that on May 20th he will still be healing and will be getting used to seeing again...but I'm sure that he will do fine.

Give him a pat on the head for me, and tell him I said to get better ASAP.

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I'm so glad that Toby is back home with you now Hedi. Sorry I didn't check in for an update sooner. Keep us updated!
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Thank you all so much for the encouraging words ( I know my spelling is off , sorry ) . You all have no clue , unless you went through something yourself , how much you all help me to deal with that sitiuation

Toby is still bumping in every thing . But it seems to get better , I guesss he is starting to adjust slowly . It seems to me he is doing better out in the back yard walking around then he is in the house . Hmmm , kind of funny .
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Sounds like Toby is doing very well..bless his little heart!
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Toby is doing very well and the last couple of days he can see . I think he is using the eye where the lids are sewn together and peek out lol . How ever , today in the afternoon I go to let his stitches being removed . I guess then I know for sure . Sorry I up date so late , got cought up with PD Girl and the work and all .
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Well , I got good news and bad news
The good news is that his eye is healing good
The bad news is that Toby has rub his eye and now got a ulcer in that eye I had to keep him at the vet so they will re stitch his eye again for 2 weeks it has to be like that and he also will get a colar around his neck so he can not rub it again . Tommorow I will pick him up again poor baby . Then I have to lead him around again since he will not be able to see with his bad eye . Toby was so depressed in the beginning and may be again when I pick him up at the vet
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Thanks for the Update Heidi...

Toby will get through this...hang in there.

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Hedi, Toby will adjust, whatever the outcome. We had a dog who went completely blind by age 8 (she had glaucoma: grüner Star) - and she lived till she was 14. We didn't rearrange the furniture, and made sure nothing was lying around that she could injure herself on. She managed perfectly in the house and yard. Dogs have such acute hearing and a phenomenal sense of smell that they usually don't have a major problem with poor eyesight or blindness. I do hope it won't come to that with Toby.
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Sorry for the setback Hedi. Poor little Toby, he is really going through it. I would think that with his e-collar things will begin to improve quicker now. Loads of good vibes going to you and Toby.
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Hedi- Toby will back to his normal happy self in a few days, I bet! He remains in my thoughts though, and so do you. Hugs.
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I am sorry to hear things aren't going so well for Toby, but I know he will be back to his old self in no time, he will get along fine with the collar once he gets used to it, I'm sure. Keep us posted! *hugs*
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Awww Toby now why did you go and rub your eye? Yeah I know baby it was bugging you. Hedi I am sorry to hear that he has a small set back, he will be fine thou. Still keeping him and you in my thoughts and prayers
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Sorry your Toby is having to spend another night at the vet. You must miss him so much! He will heal quickly, and whatever the outcome, he will adjust well as long as your at his side! You and Toby remain in my thoughts.
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I'm sorry Toby has an ulcer and has to wait another couple of weeks before the eye can be left open...tell him wearing the "evil space cone" as we call it, may mean he gets to be hand-fed treats and that he'll get through this.
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Thank you all soooooooo much , you all are wonderful people . I don't know what I would do with out all your great suport
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Hedi, I am so sorry to hear about Toby's setback.

Sending you and Toby mega (((HUGS)))

Get well soon Toby and don't scratch that eye
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Keep focusing on the good news, Hedi. It sounds very encouraging! It may be a rough couple of weeks, but with your help Toby will do just fine.
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Thank you all so much

Toby seem to do really good having his eyelid sewn together , he is not depresed I did not mention it in the other post , but they did not give him that color around his neck . I just hope I don't have to go through this again with him after the 2 weeks is over . This time they sew it a lot better together though , so maybe that helps . It looks like that outside he can see a little better and is not bumping into everything , but in the house he is . Kind of funny , hmmmmm ? Maybe daylight ? But Toby is doing good and act like he is a happy dog
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Hedi, that is wonderful news. Hugs and kisses to Toby.
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