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Great, Fabulous news!!! Need some help tho'

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A while back I posted that my Mum's cat Bandit was missing, he has been missing for ages and they thought he was never coming home.

This morning my Mum's other half spotted Bandit He's looking healthy, no cuts and bruises and has obviously been fed by someone. They think he is still living outdoors though because his long fur is looking a bit bedraggled.

They've approached him and he meows at them and runs off, comes back a bit, meows and runs off again. They are leaving food out for him but cannot get close enough to catch him. They have decided to use a trap, but as a last resort. Does anyone have any clue how they can get hold of him????

I have already suggested stinky clothes (and a towel they've rubbed Cobweb down with) and stinky food, I also suggested they put food in his cat carrier to see if they can entice him into it.

Any suggestions will be more than welcome
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I don't know much about trapping, but wanted to say that is great news Bandit has been found !!! I am so happy for you guys
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Yay, Bandits back!!(nearly!).

I've no idea on how to trap him, he must be terrified though bless him after being away all this time.

I know you've used food but what about any of his favourite treats?. And has your mum knocked at any doors to see if anyone there is feeding him?.

Good luck and keep us informed.
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Please see the tips in this article for help- and best of luck-


I would certainly sit down on the ground when they see him and not go after him, sprinkling kitty litter on the ground will help as well, for he will remember that. Putting out their sweaty shirt or shoes he will remember the scents. He has been gone awhile and there is no telling what sort of trauma he has endured, nor how scared he is. If he has been chased by people then he will be afraid of people regardless if he was owned by them or not. Right now he is in full survival mode, and is nowhere near the cat they remember him to be. It is crucial that they don't chase him and they need to just put out food and water, and be calm, and avoid looking into his eyes. Stay low to the ground as it is less threatening for him. If they have ever played with him with a toy on a string or line, they can try dragging that around behind them in the area he is at and see if his prey response is intact. I was able to get Massey into the house one time using that method.
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Thanks! I've already told them they have to crawl, but I forgot about the eye contact, I'm gonna ring my Mum as soon as she's off work.
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No they don't crawl, they sit, quite still and don't make any moves toward him until he is close enough they can grab him and get him safely indoors. Catnip will also work, sprinkle some around the area when they see him, and also put some inside the trap-
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Just thought I'd let you all know that Bandit is back home safe and well. My Mum's boyfriend saw him again today, walked over to him and just picked him up?!? He is now under house arrest for a couple of weeks just so he can get reaquinted with everything. When they called me to let me know he was cwched up on my Mum's lap.
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Good Bandit.
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Rhian, That's awesome news. Yeah Bandit back home where you belong
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I'm gonna get some pictures of him sometime this week when I go to visit my Mum
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