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cat translator

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has anybody seen the cat translator on the whickers web site, quite amusing to see and hear, it tells u what ur cats purrs and meaws mean.
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I havent seen that one, but i've seen one that sounds similar.

I like it because at least we know what their saying to us?!.
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i know its quit cute really if you wanna see this one its
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It couldn't find anything under

I put www in front and a law firm came up?!
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sorry i spelt it wrong
ill get there 1 day
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Aaaaaaaargh. We don't have speakers on our computers!. Well we have but we can't have them connected!.

I'll have to go to my neighbours to hear it because it looks interesting!
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ha thats always the way, but it is a good site
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That's cute. I like the third one under Feeding Time.
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How cute! Is this tested information, or is this just for fun?

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its tested, so now we know what our cats say
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Sierra just became extremely excited while we were listening to that. It was really neat, thanks for telling us about it!
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also with this site, theres alot of info an news letters if anyones intrested
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I've heard about electronic "dog" and "cat" translators being available in Japan. The site is cute, but I have to say that JC has no difficulty at all making himself understood (he's a very VOCAL cat). My mother-in-law catsat last week, and told us she was amazed at how JC was able to communicate with her. I'm hearing-impaired, and yesterday he kept "tapping" me on the cheek and running over to our humidifier. The fan on it had burnt out, and I hadn't heard anything. He was so insistent that I put my hand on it and realized that it had overheated. Talk about smart animals! My husband said that JC had sat on the humidifier and yowled before I got up, but he didn't think to check if it was working properly.
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wow thats amazing, jc is a very clever cat!
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JC is so intelligent!
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I Love This!!!!

I have two cats lying with me right now and I played the "You're mine! I love you!" sound a few times and petted them both. They seemed to understand. Now they're back to napping.

I'll be bookmarking this site for later use!

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Sam was laying around the base of my monitor when I played one of them. He was intent on it so I played it few more times for him and he hissed and swatted the speaker..
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Zoey left my lap and soon after Amelia replaced her. She was standing up. I played the I Love You sound and about 1/2 a second into it she layed right down, rolled over all snuggled up and looked very happy. I'll be using that sound over and over again as my cats seem to be responding to it very positively. What better thing can I tell them than I love you!

Earlier when I played the non-purring sounds it woke my two sleepy cats right up. They were very intently listening looking around to see who was making that noise.

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Rosiemac, get yourself some headphones and stick them in the computer phone jack. I know you must have a sound card or a built-in interface for one.
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My cats all get loving when I let them in my computer room. I don't know whether it's the hum of the cooling fans are the frequency of the computer processor. In any event, all of my cats turn into love mode around my computer. Maybe I have inadvertently discovered mind control. Then again, I'm not in love mode at work, so it must only work for cats.
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Yeah I think I'm going to record the audio from that and make a loop out of it so I can play it repeatedly for the cats while they sit with me. My laptop doesn't have those nice rumbling sounding fans in it like my computer upstairs does. And my cats love that purring sound!

Isabelle came to sit with me this morning and when I played it for her she started purring really loud, then she layed down and rolled over to get a belly rub... I love this!

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I can tell what they are saying most of the time
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Have you ever wondered whether dogs or cats were the "smarter" species? Having always had both, I always felt dogs were more intelligent, but since having JC around, I've revised my opinion. I've had dogs that answered the phone, but Jamie is the first pet we've had that has actually made phone calls. I played the "Whiska's translator's" sounds for him today; he was mildly interested, but got distracted while pressing the "test button" on my printer. He's so smart sometimes that it scares us. Maybe cats really do rule the world?
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Originally Posted by chelle
I can tell what they are saying most of the time
Yeah, me too. I've been using the translator more as a way to talk back to my cats. Especially since I can't purrrrr back to them the way they purrrr at me. I've been playing the I love you sound and repeating to them as it plays "I Love You" over and over again... I have no idea whether this will work to associate words to feelings for them, but they seem to respond well to the sound anyway!

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