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Do kittens teethe???

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You know like babies do when they chew on teething rings?!.

I've noticed Sophie likes to chew on my fingers and anything hard as if it was giving her some relief?!. Rosie also did this when she was a kitten, so i wondered if it was the same for kittens as it is for babies?.
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yes kittens do teeth, one thing i found helpfull was to get a littles teatowl or normal towl, (make sure its little enough for his mouth) soak it in water and place in the freezer for half hour, he will love this and maybe leave you fingers aloe as he will chew on this for ages, when it has thawed out just do it again.
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Awwwwww Sophies teething bless her

Thanks for the quick reply, and i'll do the t-towel trick
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let me know if it works for sophie, i think she will love it
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Thanks, i will
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hello did you try the t-towl thing with sophie?
if you did i hope it worked for you
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Poor little Sophi - it isn't fair.
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Oh yes, they teethe. Trent teethed so bad, I felt horrible for him. And I did a bad thing and let him gnaw on my finger. He still does it occassionally, just likes to put my finger in his mouth. I think it's comforting for him. But it hurts now that he has all of his teeth!

One other thing that works well are drinking straws. They can bat them around to play with and chew the heck out of them. Just watch for any signs of chewing through the straw. Those kitten teeth are sharp!
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You'll have to keep an eye out for little kitty teeth
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I did the t-towel trick like Caz suggested and Sophie had a good chew on that so i'm keeping that up

The vet confirmed what you have all said when i took her for her shots on saturday, and said that she would teeth until she was 5-6 months old(Aaaaah).

She started chewing on the corner of a magazine i was reading last night and they looked like tiny pin pricks(Bless her).

HEIDI: I did the same as well with the fingers!. She's broke into the skin just below my thumb nail twice!. But now i do the t- towel trick theres no problem

RHIAN: A chap in the office said that he found baby teeth from his kitten Molly who is the same age as Rosie now, but i never found anything except the odd whisker, and claw sheath?!.

I'll combe the house looking for them this time though!
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i asked the vet about kitten teeth, since one of my kittens (six months old) had to have some removed due to them breaking, and apparently they usually swallow the teeth when they fall out.

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Small kittens also go through a stage of exploring the world by trying to eat it, just like a lot of human babies.  They are finding out what they can do and what they are allowed to do - mother cat tells them off if they bite her.

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I have a 2 week old savannah and he's teething badly so I use bottle nipples...just unscrew it from the bottle and put ur finger over the hole so they're not sucking air
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