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Cat crazy in California!

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Just wanted to say a quick hello to all the cat lovers out there. I happened to be surfing the web and linked up to this site and here I am.
I am currently mom to 5 of the most georgous cats with personalities out of this world. I am a huge anti-declaw owner, I believe this should be illegal. I am also an advocate for indoor only cats, especially in cities and suburbs. My cats have an outdoor run, bigger than two of the three bedrooms in our home. I grew up with my mom convenced altered females were the "only" felines to have. I have now proven to her how affectionate my boys (4) are, much more loving than my one and only prissy female Ms.Chloe. We have all our cats altered and I groom all of them daily. Yes, they "ALL" are long haired beauties and they know this!
I look forward to spending more time reading forums and chatting with other cat people. Frankly I think my cats are getting tired of my old stories everyday.
Have a meowey day! Sheryl
Mom to Ms. Chloe, Oscar, Zander, Logan and Dylan
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Hi and a big welcome to TCS - look forward to reading about your beauties - we also like pictures!
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Welcome aboard Sheryl.

I know you will enjoy your time here.

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Welcome to the site Sheryl! Sounds like you will fit in here just fine - as a policy we are also anti-declaw and pro-spay/neuter. Usually with declawing just presenting people with the facts about the proceedure is enough to change their minds. Thank goodness!

Enjoy your time here and I look forward to getting to know you and your kitties!
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hello and welcome to the site glad you joined us
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Welcome to TCS.
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Welcome to TCS

We would love to see pictures
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Welcome! Your cats sound gorgeous, please post pictures. I live with my beautiful spoiled tabby Sash.

Lisa & Sash
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Welcome to TCS!!!


P.S. My boy cat is the biggest MUSH ever.
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welcome to TCS
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