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I'll be away for the weekend

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Away from the computer anyway

My brother is getting married tonight to a wonderful English girl. The wedding will be far away from here, in Kibbutz Zikim in the south. That's a 2.5 hours drive from here!

Then tomorow morning the bride and groom + the bride's parents + 2 other of their friends from England are coming over for the weekend. I am fortunate to have my wonderful in-laws living next door, as they agreed to have all of them staying in their place and will take care of the meals and everything.

But we will need to entertain them the whole time so I probably won't have a lot of computer time. I will do my best to pop over and check my email but I'm not sure I can.
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Well, we'll miss you dear - but have a great time!! Don't drink too much!! (especially in your condition! hee hee just call me "doctor" :laughing: )

Congratulate them for me!!(by the way - where in England is the bride from?)

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I hope all goes well with the wedding and guests. Just try to make sure you don't overdo it and get enough rest. This pregnancy is a great excuse to have everyone wait on you and serve you. Take advantage of it, because when the baby's born, it'll be a different story!
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Well, a break from the computer system will do you good! Have fun, but don't overdo: Heed Dawn's admonition!


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I'm back! That was a very tiring weekend but I had a good time. I slepy like a log for more than 12 hours last night, can you believe that?

The wedding was very nice but the drive was long and tiring. Then the next day our guests arrived in the afternoon and we went for a walk in old Caesaria. Caesaria is a 5 minutes drive from our home but the walk was a bit too much for me. I guess that with all the bed rest I'm really out of shape When it got dark we went back home and had a big BBQ with lots of great food. Thank God for my wonderful mother in law for taking upon herself the duty of the hostess, at least as far as the feeding, cleaning and providing the beds!

On Saturday we went on a lovely day trip around the Carmel mountains. We started at the neanderthal caves there where you can see the excavations and walk in a reconstructed cave. Neanderthals have occupied these caves for more than 160,000 years so there are quite a lot of findings there. Then we visited 2 artists villages and saw some very nice sculptures, paintings and attended a glass blowing demo. We had lunch at a Druze restaurant with some very interesting traditional dishes and went on to do some shopping in the next Druze village. Our guests were thrilled with the oriental market and we spent about 3 hours there. My feet were killing me by the time we went home

And finally yesterday, we went with them to Mt. Tabor and visited the church of transfiguration that is located on the top of the mountain. From there we went on to a water resort called the Sahne. It's a chain of natural pools and is quite a beautiful place. Later that evening they left by train.

They're lovely people and it was a lot of fun having them around, but only after they'd left I realized just how tired I was!
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Wow Anne!! Sounds like you had a great time!! The artists villages sound wonderful - Id love to see them, the glass blowing is cool too - I saw that on holiday once! Im really glad you had such a good time - just make sure you put your feet up now for a while!! Gets lots of rest and take care love!!

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Anne I,m really pleased you had a good time,the oriental market sounds lovely Your mother-in-law sounds so kind and helpful,I bet she'll be a very proud granny when baby arrives
Like Bodlover has mentioned,put your feet up and have a relaxing rest

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