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eye infections in kittens

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we have a cat (cracker ) we took in 2 years ago.she had kittens over 2 weeks ago and had 6.this is her first litter since we've had her.so thinking she was fixed or to old to have kittens it was a surprise to us after 2 years.all the kittens have died but 2.3 just died for no apperant reason and then the last 3 got infection in there eyes.we lost another one today so that leaves 2.there eyes mat together and then when i clean them and get them where theres a little peep hole pus runs out.i keep cleaning to get there eyes opened up.they also have yellow discharge coming out there nose.can anyone tell me what might be wrong.also we had the same problem with another mama cats kittens.we saved 3 out of 6 of those and there doing great.there 8 months old now.just like to hear some input.im taking them to vet friday.thanks
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Please take these kittens and mom to the vet today or sooner.
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i have made a appointment to take them friday morning.thats as soon as my vet could get to them.im keeping there eyes cleaned until i can get them there.i will take care to see they get medical attention.i was just wanting to no if anybody else had experienced anything like this before.
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I am guessing you made it to the vet already but I have raised a kitten with this problem. She was found before her eyes and ears where open and I hand raised her. She had an upper respiratory infection when she got a little older, which caused the discharge from her nose and eyes.
She saw the vet regularly but there wasn't much that could be done. The infection was similar to a cold and can be very harmful to the kitty. I wasn't sure she was going to make it but she is over a year old now and doing good.
I had to clean out her nose and wipe her eyes with a dampy cloth many times a day. The pus fro her eyes would cause them to crust shut. So I would gently remove the dried discharge and clean out the pus that was produced.
One thing that the doctors suggested was taking the kitty into the bathroom whenever anyone was taking a warm shower so the steam could help clear her up (like a humidifier). It really helped. I would sit with her while my fiance showered daily and it took time and patience but she pulled through.
I do not know the health condition of her mom because of being a stray so I am not sure what is going on with your mama kitty but I am sure the vet had some ideas.
Good luck.
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I'm amazed your cat never went into heat before this! She may be much older than you thought.

I fostered an extremely emaciated mother cat and her 4, 5-day old, runty and skinny kittens. They had a lot of problems with eye infections and their eyes did not open completely and for good for almost a month.

I got eye drops and ointment from the vet, and as you can see, the kittens turned out just fine although it was a lot of work! Hope your remaining kittens and mother cat will be okay.
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thanks luckistar2,
the mother and 2 remaining kittens are doing great.i got ointment for there eyes and it cured them right up.thanks for your reply.
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Great news!
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