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New babies

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Our new additions ..Jamie
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They,...are adorable!
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OMG This had to be where the name "Fur Babies" came from!!
Their gorgeous little balls of fluff
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ohhhhhhh I want Alex!!!!!!! if only I could handle another baby!
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I just love baby Persians .They are sooooooooo cute - they dont look real!
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Thanks for all the comments...I reckon they are just scrummy ..I could eat em up! Alex is not as typey as the boys but put back to them her babies should type up real nice!

We have a litter of Exotics due in 2 weeks so am all excited about that!

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OMG they are all so angelic and sweet looking! I just want to take them all home!
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OMG they are soooo beautiful
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way to cute for their own good
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So beautiful
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Oh Aubs they are beautiful- I especially love Jamie. Good luck. Hope you get some nice exotics.
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They are gorgeous!!
Love Persian cats/kittens
more picture please as they grow
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I am a picture finatic LOL so I will keep them coming ...
My Blk smoke Exotic girl is due in 2 weeks and I am just overly excited!

Oh and Sam.....I am waiting on a Holly baby from you!!! lol ..she is the perfect cat for me! I love everything about her, and pssst dominants are my fav!
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Pretty soon huh, you must be really excited. When I get my camera fixed I will definitly have to take pictures of Sapan(her son) for you, he's lovely and I'm sure you will fall in love with him as well. more pics please!
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Am I missing something? Where are the pictures?
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