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Hi Everyone!
I have three cats and my two females have had territorial problems since they were introduced five months ago. Both are around five years of age. While we have not had any vet trips yet, we have the chasing, hissing, growling and general unrest! Over Easter we reintroduced the two warring cats, and now have them eating a foot apart from one another. There have been a few hisses and one chasing episode, but their supervised time together has improved their interactions considerably. Still, Katie (the aggressive one) is not quite there yet. She still stares at Jermima (until we distract her) and would chase her given half the chance. I have read that buspirone (BuSpar) is effective in getting over this last hurdle so all the cats can co-exist without having to separate them. Has anyone had experience with it? Any advice would be much appreciated!