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Lola's Kittens are 1 week old!

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It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly these little buggers change. Just last night I checked in on the kittens and noticed that two of them still had their umbilical cords attached and only one appeared to be on his way to opening his eyes.

This morning however, I found that all of the kittens are now "cordless" and each one of them has their eyes open at least a tiny crack. I've seen a couple of them occassionally sucking on their dew claws and they're actually beginning to interact with one another. They're purposely rolling onto their backs during their naps and the beige one has peaked his head over the side of the box on a number of occassions so I'm sure it won't be long before he's tumbling out and exploring the nursery.

I waited soooo long to meet these babies and now they're shooting up like weeds. I knew they'd grow quickly but it still surprises me just how rapidly they reach each milestone.

Here's a new photo taken this afternoon:

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They are absolutely beautiful and sooo big! Lola is a great mum.

Happy 1 week birthday little ones.
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Oh MY - They are just tooooooooooo precious!!!
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They are just so adorable!!!

Jill and Candy
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Wow they have grown and they are gorgeous
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They are so sweet! I love orange kitties but I have to say that in that picture the little silver and black one is the cutest!!
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Oh my - now that is sweetness overload! I even had to show my co-worker that picture, because that much cute is just too much NOT to share!!
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AAAAWWW how cute . And they sure have grown a lot and look great
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What sweet babies...they grow up so fast.
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ultimate cuteness!!! they have grown so big now!
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OMG how gorgeous do they all look cuddled together!
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Awwwww! Love the spotty tummy
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Awwww they are soooo cute. I also really like the black and grey one, he has the cutest little tummy
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Awwwww. Some more cute kitten pics. Love the cute little tummy....

Happy 1 week little wee ones.
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Wow! Can't believe they're a week old already! They're just so adorable! Happy Birthday, Sweet Babies!
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