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Hi there,
I am sure this question is asked often....how much catnip do you give to your cat, how often and how; do you smear over his kitty condo,etc...?

what brands are best?

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I have been using a brand named "Cosmic Catnip" Miikka seems to LOVE it.
I give her 1 pinch rubbed between my fingers to break it up a bit in a dish for her to push around the floor and eat. She has a few catnip toys however she only gets them once every few days.
I usually only give her catnip 2-3 times a week.
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I used to buy "Kookamunga" cat nip spray to spray the toys, then i saw "Johnsons" that i heard a few people here in the UK talk about, but either way she loves them both
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Once a week, usually on a Friday I spray our woollen rug with nip spray, it's Jeepers treat for the week and she goes kooky for about an hour
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We've used Cosmic and SmartyKat so far, I think, and some that our feline-only hospital has. We just give a bit as an occasional treat, or put it on their scratchers (alpine pad, regular pad, and woven sisal post). We're also growing some catnip now in a little pot...and just hoping it has some time to grow hehe.
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thanks everyone!

so, george has some little toys that has catnip in them- which i just leave out for him all the time- how long does the catnip usually last in those toys?

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Catnip grows wild in our fields and we heard it repels mosquitoes (it is in the mint family) so we planted it around our patio. We pick fresh leaves and scatter them around the house. Stumpy follows us around and eats the whole leaf, and I've seen him munch down a dozen of them at a time. I guess my point is that too much catnip won't hurt them.

I put some bagged catnip on their cardboard scratch post and they sat on top of it drooling for about 2 months. I refreshed it and they went back to it. So perhaps 2 months is the right number?? (but then again mine are used to fresh)
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