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hi- newbie here

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Hi there,

so glad I found this site. My name is shannon, my husband and I adopted our little george about a month ago. He is about 2-3 old tiger kitty- we got him from a shelter so they were not real sure when he bday was...

Anyhow, we simply adore and love georgie so much! We named him george beacuse my husband love the boxer george forman, and thinks our george is just as handsome as george clooney(and he is)!

Anyhow, I have had one other cat in my life, Ashes. She now live with my parents at the Cape in the summer and spend her first winter with us while my parents went to Florida. Once she was goign back home, we knew we needed another little one in the house. I brought home Ashes when she was a kitten, she is now about 14-and she is mostly an outdoor cat- although this winter was so brutal she stayed in a lot.

So, sorry for being all over the place. George is our main guy, and then our princess Ashes will come back to stay with us in the winter- that is going to be an interesting situation!

I have lots of questions about george- i want him to be happy and try and understand him as best as I can.

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Welcome to the site Shannon! This is a great place to learn all about little George.
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welcome to TCS Shannon & George

This place is great!! ask any and all questions you want - everyone is so friendly here!!

we also like to see pictures
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Welcome to TCS.

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My congrats on your new baby . Do you have pictures of George and Ashes ? We sure love to see pics of cats/kitten here at TCS .
Btw , thank you for adopting from the shelter
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Welcome to TCS.
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hi shannon welcome to the site to you and your furbabies
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Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome! here is a picture of my little george- I just love him to pieces! I will get a picture of Ashes up there soon too!

thanks again!

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Oh he's a cutie! Love the little milk mustache he's got.
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Welcome to TCS
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Welcome to TCS. George is a cutie
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Hi and welcome to TCS
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Welcome George is adorable, he looks so sweet. Bless you for adopting him from a shelter. That's wonderful!

Lisa & Sash
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Welcome to TCS, Shannon! George is so adorable! Look forward to seeing Ashes soon! You've certainly come to the right place for info to help you better understand and care for your little boy!
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WELCOMETO TCF....GEORGEYis such a cute name....
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