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Does Feliway work for scratching behavior?

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I was thinking of getting Feliway in the hopes that when I get my new furniture my boys would be less likely to scratch at it. I was going to buy it last night & start using it on the old furniture to start the process, but when I saw the price I was astounded. It was $31 for a 75 ml bottle. First of all is this a normal price? and Secondly before I spend the money has anyone had any luck with this product to prevent scratching of furniture? I do not believe in declawing, so I need to find a behavoir modificaiton tool. Jordan is good about using the scratching post they have, but Levi isn't. So any help as to how to modify their scratching habits would also be helpful.
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Try shopping online. I bought my 75ml bottle of Feliway at PetsMart, and it cost me $32 including tax. That night i found the same bottle online for $23.50 - you know what I did after that.

How much is NOT having your furniture scratched worth to you? If I'd spent $2000 on new furniture I wouldn't blink about spending an extra $20 to keep it in like-new condition. the trick with the spray is to be consistent about spraying it daily. You might be better off getting a diffuser, which lasts for about 30 days, so you don't have to remember. (psst, they're also cheaper online.) I got my Feliway to de-stress Bella after her big move, but the instructions do say it works for scratching behaviors too. All these good folks on TCS can't be wrong! "o)
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I can't tell you about Feliway, as I've never used it. Someone with experience with it will no doubt be along shortly. However, I can say that I've had no problems with my cats scratching the furniture since I got a large one of those corregated cardboard scratching surfaces for them. I had a smaller one before and they had scratched it to shreds, but they love this wider one even more. It is about ten inches wide. My two use it every day. Of course, one of them is quite a catnip junkie, and since one can put catnip into the cardboard openings, Purdy hangs out around it regularly!

BTW, my two wouldn't use the scratching post I had for them, either. I finally gave it to the thrift store. I don't think it was tall enough for them; I don't think most scratching posts I've seen are tall enough to please these larger cats.
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Well, looks like someone with experience with Feliway got here while I was still typing!
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I used a "repellent" spray, called something like "no-scratch" or something like that. I used it on furniture, and also on the carpet, and it worked great, after about 5 days of regular application, they all leave those forbidden areas alone. And that is in addition to having all of the other appropriate scratching items availalbe.
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I was unable to get Feliway here in Canada, something about the legal rights as to who is the authorized distributor. I wasnt sure what price I should pay off of Ebay so I decided to try Bach Flower Remedies.
So far I am impressed with that. Seems to have calmed down miikkster a lot. However I still have trouble giving her the drops, but I am getting better!
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