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pregnant cat

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Hi everyone, new member here...
i wonder if anyone can help me. My cat is pregnant and the last two days she has been leaving tiny drops of what look like blood, around the place..is this normal..also i read somewhere that you should try and get her used to a box for when she has the kittens, I've tried but no luck any suggestions..this is my first experience with a pregnant cat so all the info i can get will be very helpful.. Thank you
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I have heard of some spotting right before delivery. I am not so sure about drops everywhere. Hopefully someone may have more insight on that one. As for her queening box, if she wont use it, the best way is to confine her to a large cage. If this isnt possible then make sure she is only in one room and close the door. It is better if mom can't carry her kittens all over the house. Accidents happen this way. Keep us informed on her progress!
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Thanks for your advice i think it could be too late, I came home from work this evening and lying on my bed there was my cat along with 1 dead kitten. I called the vet straight away and then took her down there. The vet said there was at least 2 more in there but couldn't say if they were alive or not.
they took her to the hospital they said they would give her an injection to try to make her give birth to the others or else she would have to have a cesarian. So I won't know whats happened till the morning..I am gutted, but thanks for answering my post I will let you know what happens
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I am very sorry to hear about this. Sometimes you just don't know whats going on inside of them. I will be thinking of them tonight as well. Please let us know in the morning what you find out.
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Hi, my cat did lose the kittens, but she is well, still in the hospital, vet says the other 2 in her were dead when they done the cesarian, they don't know the cause of it they said she just wouldn't contract, at least she is well.thanks for your help
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Hi Lou and welcome.

Sorry to hear about the kittens. I really think you should have her spayed now.

Hope you keep visiting the forums and posting.
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She was spayed when she had the cesarian, I only wanted one lot of kittens then i would have had her done anyway, i never had her done before as i just wanted to have one of her kittens but she never got pregnant till now. Should have just bought a kitten from the shop eh!
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Please don't beat yourself up at all. Most first time moms have problems. You did what you could for her and now all that matters is that she is okay. Once you are ready, you will go save some unfortunate unwanted kitten to add to your family. You should go to the cat lounge and share some stories about her!!
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