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pregnant, deaf stray

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Hi! New here- wanted to share about Zorra. A friend called to say a stray was giving birth in her basement! Turns out not to be delivering but does have an unusually large belly . Also discovered she is deaf, should have known by the EXTREME cuddling- she refuses to be put down, only held close. I have posted ads to find her owner, but nothing yet. She is litter trained and doesn't mind our Rottie, but leery of our cats. We are keeping her separated from our kitties until she can get checked out. Tried to post a pic but I'm not sure how to change the size of attachment photo? Any advice, especially tips on deaf cats would be appreciated!
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Welcome to TCS! What a wonderful thing you did-taking in Zorra. I can't help you with advice on deaf cats, but several members have deaf cats. I've PM'ed one to alert them to your post. Hopefully you'll get the advice you're looking for!

Sorry I couldn't be of more direct help...
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Welcome to TCS! Bless you for taking in a deaf cat - I have a deaf cat, he is white with blue eyes and his name is Kahu.

Deaf cats are absolutely wonderful, they have the best personality (sorry I am biased ) and they are basically the same as other cats when it comes to raising.

When I want Kahu's attention and he is awake, I wave at him - I do it every day and he waves at me to get my attention now. He is amazing - he knows the sign for food so whenever I sign it to him, he comes running to the kitchen. AWESOME! I try and not to wake him up because it can scare him, but he often sleeps in a box - I made a "bedroom" out of a box and put a blanket in there, he loves it so much, its his "bedroom" and he feels safe in there - perhaps you could do the same thing for Zorra. Whenever I want to let Kahu know that we have his favourite wet food out, I knock on the box and he knows what is happening - it is a routine with us.

He does not like being tapped from behind when he doesn't see you coming - it scares him and he will run off and hide in his "bedroom"

Kahu plays all the time, he is so much fun and we enjoy playing with him.

He is also fearless, except for strangers - he doesn't like being touched by people he doesn't know but otherwise, he is wonderful.

And he is oh so affectionate, I love it - he comes up to us begging to be petted and cuddled, its just amazing. And he has a sweet personality.
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I just have to commend you (like the others did) on your willingness to accept and love this cat. While (honestly) I know absolutley NOTHING about a deaf cat, I do know that love can conquer and save all, and that is exactlly what you are doing- saving a beautiful creature and giving it a chance to live out its destiny.
Sorry if that sounds sappy, but you touched my heart with your story.
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Welcome to TCS. Thank you soo much for caring for this cat.

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Welcome to TCS, congrats on your new addition
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You are a complete dear for caring for this kitty.

I have to agree with Kiwideus - deaf cats are awesome. We have a deaf kitty that only has one eye. She waves at us to get our attention, and she did that on her own. She doesn't like to be touched when she doesn't know we're there - though now she just JUMPS but doesn't go run hiding. It is amazing how sensitive she is to her surroundings. She'll come running to a good strong foot stamp on the floor - we trained her to know that there's food there when we stamp. Now it works even when there's not food. We also give a solid stamp when coming up from behind her - just to let her know we're there.

She's very bold, and though she's just past a year old, she's got SO MUCH energy, she's really still very much like a kitten. She just plays and plays and plays, and when she's in "play mode" she does NOT like to be cuddled, and makes the funniest noises as she squirms out of our arms. At night though she loves to be cuddled, and curls up with us. I think it's because she can't hear herself, she's always making the funniest noises, especially when she moves around while sleeping. She does have a powerful "meow" despite having no hearing.

But she does like touching us when she wants something or attention. She is very touch-oriented.

From what I can tell, deaf cats are as a group totally cool - they don't get scared by outside noises, and rely on touch, so are more likely to want to be cuddled and touched.

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I just had to welcome you! I hope you have the best of time here,I know I did from the day I was a kitten! I just love it here! Everyone is so nice,so caring and loving,all share concerns and are all wonderful! I also wanted to thank you for taking in a special needs kitty! I'm sure she is a joy to have around! Good luck with finding her a home (unless you wanna keep her ) Congrats on the new additon~!
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Thought I'd send out an update. Turns out Zorra is NOT pregnant as we thought! Just tubby in the belly. She has been fixed already! We got her some Advantage(I hadn't noticed any fleas, but the Dr found some). Last night she played for the first time She rolled around with the BASKET of kitty toys until she noticed Shadow was watching her. Getting used to not being able to call her. She mostly sleeps under my bed, but all I have to do is lift the dust ruffle up and she JUMPS onto me. I have never met a more loveable cat, and Shadow (our big fat 18 lb'er) is one of those cats that 'does your hair' and sucks on your ear Anyway, here she stays unless someone wants to give her an only kitty home. Hubby has become attached and loves all the kisses she gives, so it still might be hard if we had to adopt her out. He didn't even flinch when I told him the $150.00 vet visit. I knew I married a keeper! He has now accepted that we are going to be "those pet people" forever
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That is great news!!! Sounds like the "keep em" fairy is paying your husband a visit.

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Wow! What wonderfule news! Reading this has just made my day.
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