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Will Be An Mia For A Few Days

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Just to let you all know that I will be leaving Friday night for a cat show in Jersey and will return home late on Sunday. I hate these short trips but after this, it's one trip to Florida and one to Connecticut in December. After that, we should be living in Connecticut. Need to go give cats baths tonight and tomorrow night we are meeting with my real estate broker. I will be seeing Rene, Clint, Sandy, Ken and Michelle this weekend. Donna will be staying home as she will be doing the feeding and cage cleaning for Rene. Ken is doing a Judging handling class in my ring with me being his teacher on Sunday (Ken you'd better be studying). This is going to be one fun weekend. I haven't seen everyone since May. Besides all of my cat friends will be finding out that we are moving home. Well, gotta run the baths. Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

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Be safe Frannie!
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You know I'm going to miss you. But, alas, my volunteer duties at Helping Paws are still haunting, uh, I mean calling me. I'm doing a follow-up story about an adoption of a dog that occurred after my "Pet of the Week" column. That takes me to a rescue reunion and back home to write my story. But I will be thinking of all of you partying and having a good time without me.

Uh, Ken, hon - when Frannie says you'd better be studying, take my word for it, SHE MEANS IT!!!

I want details when everyone returns! Hey Frannie, could you remind Rene about the tent that Jerry is bringing to the show for me?

Have a safe trip.

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What tent? (Just kidding) I wish you were coming, but I really appreciate that you are helping Kristi with the cages. I hope the thought of going to Clint and my cottage at the Cape for a vacation later this month will make you feel happier. Thanks for being a good friend and a great volunteer!
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Believe me, I'm counting the hours till the end of the month. I love walking around the Cape off season. Less tourists and traffic. Good luck everyone! I'll be thinking of you as I'm scrubbing cages and inhaling toxic fumes (kidding).

Have a safe trip.


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