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Long time no see!

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Hi all!! Hopefully some of you remember me!! I must have sooo much news to catch up on and soooooo many new people to meet!! Hope everyone is doing ok! It feels so good to get back here - this place still feels like home y'know

Well, I just wanted to say a great thankyou to all of you who wrote in my thread a while back when I was in hospital - big thanks to Yola who started it (I think?) and prinited it out and sent it to me - it gave me such a smile while I was in hospital - I read it about 50 times! I was so touched that so many of you cared!

The whole pregnancy was a nightmare really from the beginning... first of all I was told I had miscarried, and they performd a D & C on me (this is the short version! ) then I got hyperemesis (severe morning sickness) lost 28lbs in weight in about a month and was put on a drip in hospital cos I souldn't keep ANYTHING down.. niiiiiice then just as I started to feel a bit better at around 6 months pregnant, they found I had severe Pre Eclampsia and I was hospitalized immediately until I gave birth! They were going to give me a c section at first but I managed to hold off a bit onger so they made plans to induce me instead... but thankfully little Rayanne decided to help me out and came by herself a month early - beat them to it! YEY! The labour and birth was great - 45 minutes and it was all over and done with - she was born! They didn't have time to give me any pain relief except gas and air!! But that was fine with me... god bless that gas and air...
Rayanne was only 5lb 12oz at birth due to being a month early and the pre eclampsia bt seemed healthy enough. Two days later though, just as we were about to go home from the hospital, Raynie became extremely ill and was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit. She was put in an incubator with tubes wires and needles all over her, it was heartbreaking to see her like that... her little hands/arms/legs and feet were black and blue from all the tests they did we couldn't touch her except through the arm holes of the incubator. They told us she had Polycythemia (too mch blood and far too thick to circulate) so it hadn't been reaching vital organs - including the brain which caused her to have fits and stop breathing. We were told these fits could likely have brain damaged her, and were also told they could be due to menengitis and/or cerebal palsy It was a very difficult time. Thankfully all the tests they performed came back with good results and they managed to correct her blood by removing half of it and replacing it with saline to thin it..... she was on meds for a while and was finally allowed to come home about 8/9 days later - still on meds

Happily she has now been off the meds for a while and is doing just fine, there are no signs of brain damage and her blood is still great... HOORAH! She's definitely our little miracle baby, and we're soooo pleased to finally have her here with us!!

Hmm, I tried to attach some pics of her, but its not working at the moment... they are the right format so I'll try again in a bit!!

Good to see you all again!
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Hi there! I am fairly new here, have been around for about 5 months now and love it! What an amazing story you have, and it truly was a miracle. I am glad to hear that your sweet Rayanne is home with you and doing well.
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I've been here since December.
Pleased to hear mum and baby are doing well

I have my own addition!. A gorgeous black and white little girl aged 8 weeks called Sophie!.
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Great to see you back!!! I hope this means you'll be sticking around?

I'm glad to hear that despite everything that happened, Rayanne is healthy and home with you. Looking forward to pictures!
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RHEA!!! Oh, it is SO good to see you, and even better news about how well Rayanne is doing! (I her name too!) She is a little miracle, especially with everything you and she went through to get her home.
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Hey Rhea, it is so good to see you here! I am glad that everything worked out so well in the end - Rayanne is indeed a miracle baby!
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OMG Rhea it's so good to hear from you! Biiiiiiiiiiiig HUGS my friend! I am so glad Rayanne is doing so well If you have time, we'd love to see some pics.

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Welcome back Rhea- what a harrowing journey, but what a bundle of joy waited for you on the other side! Pictures would be so nice!
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Hi Rhea, wonderful to hear from you, and with such good news! Can't wait to see pictures too!!!

Where do you have internet access these days? Can you give us an update on the cats too?
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Rhea! Welcome back & many congrats to you! Sounds like you guys have been through the ring a time or two, but glad to hear things are looking up for you! Can't wait to see that little angel of yours!
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Goodness Rhea, it certainly is a treat to see you. What an incredible story! You must have your hands full being a new mama. Will you be returning to work, or is this the fulltime job for now? We would love to see pictures of this little angel. Take care of yourself and Rayanne.
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Glad that you're back.
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Glad to have you back.
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Hi everyone! thanks for your replies! It really is good to be back here!
Well, lets see.. to answer some of your questions... urm.. I have internet access at home now, but as I have to pay for it I'm not on line much!! hahahhaa (It was much cheaper when I used the net at work!!! naughty Rhea!) And no, I'm not planning to return to work at all, if and when I need to I will probably just get a part time job.. maybe doing florist delivery or something I can take Rayanne with me.... who knows, but at the mo I'm really enjoying being a full time Mummy! Hopefully now we're into some kind of routine, I might be able to get here a bit more often - no promises though cos it seems every time I come here and say that I don't get back here for another 6 months!!!!

Anyway, lets see if these (blurry) pictures will work this time.....
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And one more....
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Ohhhhhh She is just Darling!!!!!!!
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hello im new to this site so you wont know me, but just wanted to say congralations on your new baby.
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CONGRATULATIONS - what a sweetheart
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What a cutie Rhea! congrats! she's absolutely darling!
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Such a pleasure to meet you, Rhea! You certainly have been through quite an ordeal. You must be so overjoyed to finally have your adorable little Rayanne home with you where she belongs! Hope to see more pictures of her soon!
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Hi Rhea, I remember you, and I remember hearing about your rough pregnancy. So happy to hear you and the little one are fine. She's adorable, and I love her name. Hope to see more of you around here.
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Awwwwww, she's a darling! Please give her a kiss for me.
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RHEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so certain you didn't receive the print-outs . . . I sent them to the hospital you were in but then Jeannie emailed and said you'd be moved (when everything go really complicated) so I just hoped and prayed they forwarded them to you. I'm delighted you received them and I have been thinking about you lots and about the horrendous journey your been through to get to where you are today with your precious new family.

PLEEEEZE PM with your email addy if you don't mind . . . I'd love to swap baby stories with you (Dominik is now 8.5 months old)!!!!!

I can't see Rayanne's pictures on my browser I'd really love to see this little miracle lady in all her glory . . . take care of yourself my dear and although I don't have much time for reading and posting here due to baby and running business; I try to pop in when I can.

Toddle-oo and lots of love.
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Rhea welcome back!!! Really nice to hear from you and what an amazing journey you've been through with the baby! I can't see the pics though Hopefully that can be fixed, I really want to see the special girl!
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Welcome Back.. I'm sure you were the lady with the fine Russian Blues? I really wanna see your baby, hope the pics will be back up soon! Nice to have you back, Hope you stick around.
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Rhea!!! It is so good to see you!!!! We have missed you!!! I couldn't see the pics either, but I bet she is just adorable!!! Maybe you could e-mail them to me. I am so glad she is doing well!!!! I love the name Rayanne!
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Hi there - I saw you were back online. Congrats on the birth of your baby! I was wondering how Ash is getting on? It would be great to hear about him.

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Nice to meet you Rhea!! I'm Candie and I've been around here since the end of August!! I missed this last month when you posted it, but hope to see you online again soon! I also can't wait to see pics of your little girl!!
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