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Dakota goes under the knife

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Well Little Dakota is old enough now to have his neuter surgery done today. Everyone wish him luck that all goes well.

He has been increasingly wilder and has really po'd Nakita . I have to take her in today as well since I think Dakota has injured her back leg. She will not put any weight on her right back leg at all The poor baby is growling at Dakota ever time he gets around her. All Dakota wants to do is play and Nakita is having no part of it. Right now Dakota is standing about 10 feet away from her and barking at her for attention. I guess Dakota doesn't understand why she doesn't want to play with him.

This should be very interesting getting both to the vet this morning since I have a car and both will be in there and Nakita isn't happy with Dakota I hope that Nakita will be okay and Dakota too. I will be worried all day about them both.
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My thoughts and prayers will be with you, Dakota and Nakita today. I'm sure this will be a long day for you, but don't worry, your babies will be OK! Please let us know how well it went as soon as you find out!
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Awwwww poor baby! Hope everything goes well.

Keep us informed
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Hope all goes well for Dakota and Nakita
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My thoughts will be with you, Nakita and Dakota today. I know how worrisome vet visits can be, even neutering, even though it's routine it's not everyday your baby has it done
Please let us know how they are doing
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I'll be sending good thoughts to Dakota and Nakita.
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Hope everything goes Ok. Thinking of your two babes.
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how is everyone?????????? Hopw all is well!
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Well got good news and some bad news. Dakota went through his surgery with flying colors and is doing real well. Hasn't slowed him down yet.

Nakita on the other hand is not doing as well. The vet thinks she has hip dysplasia(sp) and is putting her on medication to see if that will help her pain. As a last resort she will have to have surgery if the medication doesn't help My Kita girl is only a year old and if this medication works she will be on it the rest of her life. I told the vet that will be fine I will do what I have to do to make her comfortable. I can't stand to see her in pain.
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So glad about Dakota but sad about Nakita I do hope they can do something quick to take the pain away Cathi.
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I am glad that Dakota made it through and is doing well. I am sorry to hear about you Nakita I hope the vet is able to make him feel better ((((hugs))))
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Cathi, I'm so happy to hear that Dakota eased right through his surgury! But so very sad to learn about your little Nakita. Hopefully this medication will successfully bring her relief. It must be so difficult for you to see your sweet baby hurt. Please let us know how she responds. We're all here for you!
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Just a little update on them both. Dakota acts like nothing has happened to him at all and is his crazy self

Nakita has been taking her meds for 3 days now and I see a definite improvement She is actually putting weight on her leg now and hardly limping at all. She even cut out through the back yard in hot pursuit of a squirrel a little while ago I hate it for the squirrel if she catches it but am real glad to see her running
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Hooray!! both on the way better
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Yeah! Not only is Nakita feeling better, she's running and playing! Thanks for the good news!
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Very good news! So glad Dakota's surgery went well and Nakita is responding well to her medication!

And as far as the squirell... it's just all part of the natural food chain!
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Yeah for Dakota!

I had a foster dog about 13 years ago with hip displasia that went thru the surgery. It was very hard on him and I understand that the meds available today work pretty well. Here's hoping that Nakita does well with the medication!!
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Yay! Glad to hear the wonderful news Cathi!

You, Dakota and Nakita are in my thoughts!
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Glad to hear they're both feeling better
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