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Noises, Funny Faces and "The Bewitching Hour"

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Just a few quick questions to everyone

1). Does anyone else's kitties make "noises". Miikka only meows when its dinner time. Other than that she "talks" to me through a series of coos and murmurs and sounds that resemble the noises that pigeons make! lol Is this normal?

2) It seems that after sniffing random objects Miikka looks "sedated". Her eyes look watery, her mouth is open, and she just looks "out of it". If I call her name she seems to snap out of it and keep going on her way. There are no "weird smells" perfumes or chemicals on these objects, but they seem to give her almost an "aphrodesiac" effect! Anyone see this before?

3) When Miikka gets tired (usually around 3:00pm and 10:00pm) she runs around the house at FULL speed and it is like everything sets her off. I am just worried that she is at a risk of hurting herself when she is ripping around and going nuts? Anything I can do to calm her down during these speils?

Any information would be helpful
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Mo tears around the house like a psycho at least once a day. I'm pretty sure it's normal. Well, she does sleep for most of the day so I guess a burst of energy is only natural. She's fun when she gets in this mood though. She loves it when I join in a play chasey with her. We've got polished timber floors so she skidds all over the place, it's hilarious.
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Sounds like perfectly normal kitty behavior to me!! Bella goes on a tear around 9 oclock every evening, then sleeps for about an hour. (She's 8, so don't delude yourself into thinking it's just a kitten thing)

Lots of kitties "chirp" and coo. Bella usually does this after she's gotten my attention and I"m closeby, like she knows she doesn't have to yell anymore. She also has different meows (like that one low pitched one when you can tell her tummy's upset and she's about to produce another hairball ) She meows the entire time I"m dishing up her dinner, she wanders around the house meowing for ten minutes at a go sometimes, and she squeaks when she's in her pet carrier (the worst part about the vet visits )

And that "sedated" look could just be her exploring her new surroundings. Kitties have an extra smelling organ, I believe it's called a "Jacob's Organ" (and the Mod Squad can correct me if I'm wrong), that they use to identify/remember "new" scents. When they get that look, with their mouth open like they're panting or grimacing, they're actually passing air over the Jacob's organ to do just that. It may not have a "wierd" smell or any smell at all to you or I, but the kitty's sense of smell is a lot more sensitive than ours.

Then again, that glazed look might just be the catnip hangover!
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My Simon has all different sorts of meows for all different things. Max doesn't meow often unless he's really trying to get your attention, but he grunts and snorts! It is the cutest thing. I call him my little piggy. I'm sure all her cooing sounds are normal.

When my two cats get on a tear, we call it "the rips" I don't know why they do it or how they avoid crashing into furniture,but they do!
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Thanks for the replies everyone. Once again she is reading the forums with me (which is weird because in my parents house she would never sit on the couch with me, now everytime I am on the couch she comes to cuddle! )
Sounds like I have a regular normal kitty!
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