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Hey Everyone! Its been a long time!

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I hope everyone has been well. I apologize for not visiting for so long.
I moved into my new house a month ago and I have been working to get it to the point where I can bring Miikka here with me. Finally on Monday I was able to bring her here to stay with me! Saves me a lot of time now because I was going to my parents house once a day for atleast 2 hours a time to see her.

So far she is taking to the new place very well. I got her some of that Bach Flower Remedy stuff from a local cat shop and it seems to be helping her get used to the new surroundings. LOL she is reading the forums with me right now, on the couch next to me (which is strange because she NEVER sits on the couch with me!).

She is almost 6 months old and will be going for her spaying very soon. She still has some of her bad habbits such as being in everything and taking the ever so frequent walk across the kitchen table or counter! I love her so much, she is like a child to me! Plus we are roommates now, although I am jealous because she gets more of the bed than I do!

Here is to hoping that she settles into the new house perfectly. She started using the box right off the bat and hasnt had any issues with that. I think it will just take a while to get used to the new surroundings, smells and noises.

She took a jump off the landing which overlooks the stairs this evening. She appeared to be favoring her front and rear paw for a while but soon was running around and having fun again. From what I can tell she is perfectly fine, LOL my little acrobat! Needless to say I have blocked off the railing with cardboard where she decided to go diving!

Anyways, hopefully now that I am back in my IT job I will have a chance to be on the forums more often! to everyone from Dave and Miikka!
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So glad to hear that Miikka is adjusting so well to her new surroundings. I'm sure she will be happy wherever you are, and you must be overjoyed to finally have her home with you! Hope to be seeing you around more often! Please post more pics of Miikka when you have an opportunity, she's so beautiful!
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Welcome back both of you - good you are back together.
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Welcome back. You've a lot of catching up to do!
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Thanks everyone.
I see I have a LOT of reading to do!
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