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Hello Everyone! I just found this wonderful site and knew I wanted to join. Nothing I like better than talking about my cats!

First about me, I'm a 49 year old lady living in NE Pennsylvania. No human kids only fur kids (and some fish).

I have four beautiful fur kids; Magic (neutered male,10-years-old, all black with a white bib - Magic has feline diabetes), Sneezy (male neutered, grey tiger, 7 years old) and Phoebe & Phaedra (female spayed sisters! dark torties, 4 years old). They are all inside kitties. (I do have a screened in porch and that's as far as they go outside.)

They were all rescues at some point and they are all as spoiled as they could possibly be and I love them dearly. They certainly give me a reason to get out of bed every morning and I don't know what I would do without them.

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Awesome...sounds like you have a great bunch of kitties.

I definately look forward to hearing more about them...and even hopes that you will post some pictures so everyone can see them.

Welcome Aboard!

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Welcome to TCS Peggy, Magic, Sneezy, Phoebe and Phaedra! Sounds like you have a wonderful family, and I'm sure you will love it here!
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Welcome to the site Peggy! You've definitely found the right place to speak highly about your beloved fur-kids. Well, we do talk about other things as well.....but we all have that one very important thing in common, our great love for cats!
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Welcome to the site Peggy, Magic, Sneezy, Phaedra, and Phoebe You will love it here
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Hi'! Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS!

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welcome to TCS so glad you came onboard
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Welcome to TCS.
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welcome to the site to you and your furbabies
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Your kitties sound lovely, and lucky to have you spoiling them. Welcome to TCS
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Welcome to TCS

We would love to see pictures of your fur-kids
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Welcome I'm glad to hear your furbabies bring you such joy, mine does too. Sash always puts a smile on my face. By the way, is Sneezy a chronic sneezer? I ask because Sash used to sneeze all the time. I can't wait to hear more about your sweeties.

Lisa & Sash
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Welcome to the cat site...glad you found us.... I too was really happy to find this site.
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