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I'm new... intro about me and our 16 cats

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Hello everybody. I thought I'd introduce myself and my clan before I jump in (already did that, but it was important for me to post it).

I'm Chris, 31, married for 12 years, living in Colorado, originally from Germany. I have 14 living furr-kids and 2 Rainbow Angels. Besides my husband, there are also 2 dogs.

-Purzel - the first cat that started it all. He's now 11 years old. A blue persian.

-Romeo - a tuxedo persian, the second cat. He is now 9 years old.

-Sunshine (Angel) - Sunny was a red persian, and was 3.5 years old when we had to put him to sleep in November of 1996. It was a very heartbreaking time, still dealing with grief now and then.

-Rocky - the first cat that chose us in the US. He is a flamepoint and 5 years old. Rocky suffers from seasonal Asthma

-Smokey - Smokey is a blue siamese mix, talks a lot which is pretty cool. Smokey is 4.

-Samson - a read medium long haired cat. Very big but also very loving. Sammy is his calling name. Sammy is 3

-Muffin (Angel) - Muffin was my first girl and dearly loved. She was 16 months old when we had to put her to sleep from lymphoma. It was a terrible week from the time we discovered it. She's missed...

-Hershey - is a black longhaired cat, has a little overbite and is lovingly called Vampire. He still 'nurses' on my neck at nite, not quite as often, but still actively. Hershey is 2

-Murray -adopted from the Humane Society... he is a beige, large DSH. Very sweet. He has adopted Sadie as his baby and lets her nurse on him, Murray is 1.5 years old

-Pepper -is a black cat with grey undercoat. No breed available. He is a very loving cat as well, follows me around, and still nurses on my neck now and then. Pepper is 1.5 years old

-Grace - is a semi-feral tortie that we rescued in Denver. She is very shy and scared still. She is about 1.5 years old.

-Lilly - adopted from the Humane Society, a calico. Used to be an outside cat only. Very loving. But she bites if she's had enough.

-Sadie -adopted from my vet. She was only 14 oz when I got her. Soone to be spayed... she is nearly 6 mos old now

-Zoe - Zoe was adopted at the Humane Society as well. She was caged for so long, when I brought her home she was 3 mos old and couldn't even jump on the couch. She is a love bug, sleeping with hubby and I, close to our faces. She is now about 5 mos old

-Max and Chloe - brother and sister. Max had his tail amputated when he was 5 weeks old due to a painful defect that we suspect he was born with. I got them from the Humane Society when they were 3 weeks old to foster. They are mine now. Chloe is the problem baby. She has seizures and now a cough, not gaining enough weight and so on. They are both now about 3 months old.

That's it! If you have questions, let me know!

to see pictures of all 16, go to www.photoisland.com ; username is catsrule and the password to view them is password. Then click on 'The Family'.
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Hi Chris

I am also a new member. I just wanted a chance to say I am really impressed by the size of your family! :blubturq:
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Hi Chris
A warm welcome to the cat site Your cats are adorable and I love all their names,thank you for telling us about them.I wish I could have lots of cats,I have a lovely black cat who is the grand old age of 15,hes just purrfect, his name is Felix.

A big welcome to your cats too

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Hey Chris! I noticed you said you were originally from Germany. My husband is from there ( his mom is still there ) and I also lived there for 7 years before moving back here last year. I am originally from MA, and now relocated back here. My husbands father was in the military there and thats where he met his mom. My husband spent most of his life there, and is still a bit homesick since we've moved to the US.
Where abouts are you from?? We are from the Frankfurt area. My motherinlaw is from Munchen Gladbach originally. Well, I thought I'd just say hi, its rare I get to talk to someone from there!!
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Hello Chris :flash: :flash: You are just going to love it here The pictures of your cats were great, I would love to have that many. My favorite picture was of Zoe...it looks like she was just woken up.
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Hi Chris and welcome to The Cat Site!!

What a beautiful cat family you have!!

I have 7 cats. 2 of them we have had for 6 years. The other 5 are strays that decided about a month ago that our house would be a great place to live.
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Welcome to The Cat Site! Sounds like you have your hands full, but a wonderful family.
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Oh god am I jealous!!!! 16 absolutely GORGEOUS babies!! Woweee!! (got any spare? hee hee) The pictures are just wonderful - Sunshine is absolutley stunning!! They are all beautiful! Ohhhhh now I want more! (why is it that however many you have - its just not enough!?!)

Ooooo to have 16 cats.....a dream come true! (Well I'll only have to buy 11 more.....!)

Oh and by the way...WELCOME!!!

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Hi there and thank you so much for allowing us to visit your page! Gorgeous kitty's you have!!!!

It's a pleasure to meet you and I hope you enjoy the site

Love, Peace &
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Welcome to the catsite! Your family is beautiful. I have 7 cats and your Grace looks like my Mollie Rose who is 7. i have my hands full with 7, I don't know how you do it.

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Dear CatsRule; I enjoyed your story on choosing tears (yes, I cried). I want to welcome you and your beautiful family (and your husband LOL) to our Cat Site Family. You will notice at the bottom of my post that I have had the phrase "Katz Rule" as my signature
(though I only have 6 indoor and 2 semi feral cats) They DO RULE my house. Again let me say we are very happy to have you here.
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Hi,Chris. I love your cats. They are such beautiful babies!!! It is sad that you have to put Chloe to sleep. But my favorite cat is Hershey! Welcome!!!
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Hi Chris!

I am new here too, and I just wanted to say hello. What a wonderful group of furballs you have.

I am volunteer at a no kill shelter, but I am actually getting my very FIRST kitty next week!:laughing:

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Chris....welcome to this site!!! I have 13 cats....16 if you count the babies, but two of them are going to my brothers when they are a bit older...if the other one survives, I will have 14!!

I will have to go check your website out!

Whereabouts in Colorado do you live? One of my three brothers lives in Littleton. I LOVE colorado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get out there every few years to visit, and it is the BEST!!! In Denver there is this Mexican restaraunt that I love, called....oh crap!! What is that called!!!!! (no- that's not the name...:laughing:, but I am suddenly having a huge brain fart, and can't remember the name!) I have NEVER forgotten the name of it before!!!!!! I must be getting OLD and SENILE! (at 35 even)

Well, it looks like a castle, and it has divers that dive off of these cliffs,into water, right in the middle of the restaraunt.
Anyway....I have eaten there everytime I go to Colorado....(I think more for the atmosphere than the food, actually...:laughing:

OHHHHHH!!! I just thought of the name!!!! Casa Bonita!!!!!! (don't know if I spelled it right) Have you heard of it?
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Hi Chris
You have a wonderful feline family, I applaud you on the size and your devotion. I have a question about Chloe however. I am hoping I have not read this too late or missed something. What has the vet said about Chloe's condition? Diagnosis? Her seizures ... How often does she have them and at any particular time? The reason I am asking this is because I have 12 of which were diagnosed as HOPELESS cases. All of which are very much alive and healthy today. Including a paralyzed kitten who now walks, runs, jumps and plays. Although he is not PERFECT, he is extremely mobile, healthy and happy. The vets I work with for rescues think I have some kind of special ability. Personally, I think it's because I push the envelope in many cases and my extensive knowledge of the feline immune system. Okay, maybe I have an uncanny instinct but what ever the heck it is ... It's a proven fact 12 times over. I am in no way stating that I have ALL the answers, but I just may have something that may help pull her out of this. So if I'm not too late and you'd like to share with me ... I'd love to help if I can. I can help with the weight problem if I know a few details ... I may also be able to help with that cough and those seizures. Depending on whether it is viral, bacterial or allergen.
I will monitor this site until I hear from you. My heart and best wishes are with you.

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Chris, Welcome!!!!

You have a georgeous family. And people thought I had a lot of cats.
At one time I had 5. Two are angles now. Actually 3 are angles.

I think my favorite would be Rocky. I have always wanted a flamepoint siamese. He is just scrumptious !!!! Another favorite would be Sunshine. He looks like he might have an attitude !!!

Right now I have 2 black cats; Termite and Lizzy, almost 15yrs and
brother and sister. Then there is Max a tabby and white, 14yrs and their 1/2 brother. But he doesn't look like a 1/2, he weight about

Enjoyed looking at your family!!

Again welcome!

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Welcome - I visited your pages of pics - they are all adorable - I think it is wonderful you have given so many children a chance at a great life and lots of love!
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