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Kerry's running mate? Opinions?

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CNN has this VP running 'game' on a list of candidates that may be John Kerry's running mate for the elections.

Some interesting candidates are Bill Clinton (constitutional??), Hillary Clinton, John McCain.

Who is your pick? Or rather instead of the CNN question of who do you think John Kerry will pick, et us expand this to include who do you wish he would pick.

Candidates 1-8: Southern
Candidates 9-16: Showdown States
Candidates 17-24: Gravitas
Candidates 25-32: Women's
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Realistically, John Edwards is probably his best choice of the name-recognition choices. Either Clinton would outshine him, I can't see Bill taking a back seat to anyone. Hillary might consider it if she's planning on running for President later, but I can't see her taking a backseat to him either. I think she's more planning on running on her own record in 4 or 8 years rather than riding someone coat-tails. Although McCain is probably one of the most "liberal" Republicans, but I can't see him flopping parties like that. Probably wouldn't play terribly well with either parties' hardliners, but may draw in some of the independents. Dianne Feinstein would make the ticket so far left that no moderate would dare vote for it.
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John Edwards
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Great question and poll.
For name recognition it almost has to be Edwards.

A mixed ticket with McCain on it would be fascinating to watch, but won't happen.

Gephart, Biden...Nope.

Feinstein...Not even her cars make anything resembling a right turn.

Clinton, B....I thnk he's done. Too vulnerable.

Clinton, H.....I'm thinking she'll be making a run at the Whitehouse in 2008. I can't see her as VPOTUS.

Nice job, looking at the list really got me thinking.
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McCain and Kerry are genuinely good friends, and McCain did consider it but said no in the end (couldn't stretch that far I think to be on a Dem ticket) If it was McCain it would be over.

I think Edwards is the right person, Gephart is too old school and the combo isn't invigorating.
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Yep, I'm the lone voter for Sen. Jay Rockefeller...I'm used to minority status
Have no Idea why the article calls him boring. True he is a bit of a policy wonk, but not boring. I've seen him of Charlie Rose quiite a few times and he is very bright and articulate. But then they labeled Adlai Stevenson the same way, egg head. Since it won't be Jay, I'm okay with a Kerry/Edwards ticket. Of course I'll vote, but I'm not running to the poles, would have much preferred Dean.
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I'd love to see McCain as Kerry's running mate, but can't see it happening. I still wonder how Bush won the Republican primaries last time around, since he was up against McCain.
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