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My favourite right now is Ralph by Ralph Lauren (in the blue bottle), it's so feminine and fruity/flowery, i love it!
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I adore Fleur d'Interdit by Givenchy- it's flowery & fruity, very feminine & light, but I can't find it anymore. Time to start shopping for a new one.

I like vanilla too, when it's cool outside - I get mine as a perfume oil from the health food store - vanilla musk. Cheap, but smells yummy .
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Those Demeter scents look pretty neat.
Are they carried in stores, so that we can smell them before buying?
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"Wild Orchid"!!! Bottled and sold only in Key West, FL. It smells so yummy! I dropped my bottle of it in the sink and it broke I guess I will have to go back and get another bottle

Oh and "Bora Bora" is good too, it smells similiar to the Wild Orchid

And "Kors" by Michael Kors is great, very fresh smelling
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I go in phases with my perfumes. I'm currently wearing Tommy Girl but I tend to switch every couple of months and then go back. My all time favorite is Nautica for Women! It smells so sexy but clean!
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Chanel No.5 is definitly my fave, but I don't own a bottle. I wear a perfume called So? and alot of avon!!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Some people have a passion for shoes or bags etc.., my luxury is perfume!.
Okay I am one of those that has a passion for shoes, purses and perfume

Favorite perfumes right now:

Bora Bora by Liz Claiborne

Intitution by Estee Lauder, I got married in this one

Purple Orchid by Ralph Lauren
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Originally Posted by tuxedokitties
Those Demeter scents look pretty neat.
Are they carried in stores, so that we can smell them before buying?
I get mine at Sephora. I'm not sure if they are carried by any other stores.
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My favorite is Eternity, I also enjoy Obsession once in a while, but most often, I wear a cream perfume made by a little soap/lotion/perfume company that I love (Samie's Scentsational Soaps), called "Floral Dreams".
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Originally Posted by blondiecat

Favorite perfumes right now:

Bora Bora by Liz Claiborne

Intitution by Estee Lauder, I got married in this one

Purple Orchid by Ralph Lauren
Oh cool, another Bora Bora fan! I love that stuff, it smells so flowery like a tropical Bora Bora in the South Pacific hee hee
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
I love the smell of baby powder and I have some roll-on deodorant that's baby powder scent. Does anyone know if you can get baby powder scented perfume? Maybe that Dementer line Christy talked about?

Wait, maybe I should just put on a little baby powder LOL.
My husband swears it smells like baby powder...which he loves...It is evening night magic musk by avon I use the roll on other favorites sunflowers and Jovan white musk....Ihave people ask me all the time on that one it smells so good and a soft fragrance
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I like and use these:

CK's "Obsession"
Gloria Vanderbuilt
Jessica McClintock
Anais Anais

Love them all!!
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My favourites at the moment are Safari, White musk and Beautiful.
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I've worn Boudouir by Vivienne Westwood for years (spicy, sexy but somehow chic too), but last summer when pregnant I totally went off it. I totally changed to Le The Blanc by Bulgari which is the most beautiful, subtle, light fragrance - just right for the hottest UK summer in history!!!

But now, when I sniff it I swear I can't even smell it!!

So I've recently (and probably temporarilly) moved from Boudouir to a patchouli-vervier (sp) combination by Cartier - brand new and French-titled; something about a dragon . . .

It's lovely.

This as a great thread coz I think a persons perfume speaks volumes about their personality. I also think that whether expensive or budget, perfume is one of the few things that succeeds in making one feel sexy and attractive (and happy).
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my absolute favorite is lacoste 4 women, i always make sure ive got it
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Caz you'll never believe this!.

There was a few of us out from work for a night out about 3 weeks ago. We were in one really packed out bar when one of the guys in the office bent down and picked a 'full' bottle of 'Lacoste for women' up off the floor!(minus the top)

The bar was so full no one would have found it if you know what i mean?!.

Guess what i'm wearing today? . It is lovely though

YOLA: I'm not dressed unless i have my lipstick and perfume on!
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Pink~Victoria Secret
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Hello everybody, My faves are so many of them, I love skin musk, white shoulders, smells like sweetpeas flowers, my fave flowers scent, jasmine and rose, rain scent and chanel#5, and indian musk I love all musk oils. love's baby soft is wonderful too and navy.
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I adore "Lucky You" perfume and Ralph LAuren "Romance"
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I have a hard time finding perfume that I can wear. It either 1-stinks to high heaven, 2-makes my allergies flare up, 3-makes hubs allergies flare up or any combination/all of the above. I love Lady Stetson, but last year hub and I found out that we can both wear the Romance by Ralph Lauren (ladies and mens) w/o making either one of us uncomfortable!

I do love the Loves Baby Soft too-but it smells like bug spray on me, not at all like it does coming out of the bottle! My mom always wore Chanel #5 when she dressed up and I love it on her, but on me, forget it, nasty smelling stuff! Love Sand and Sable too, but it makes my sinuses stop completley up, even if someone ELSE in the room has it on.
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